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March 11, 2024

Unfaithful Spouse: Stay or Leave If Your Partner Cheats?

Unfaithful Spouse

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In marriage, infidelity can become a reality for some of us. Depending on what survey you read, and which gender is answering the questions, the percentage of cheating in relationships wavers between 10 and 40 percent of couples.

If this happens to us … what do we do? Do we pack up and say goodbye immediately? Or should we stay and realize that things like this happen? Or something in the middle?

To help the topic of what to do with an unfaithful spouse, we’ve invited marriage experts Casey and Meygan Caston to the show today. Casey and Meygan are the founders of Marriage365, the #1 marriage app for couples who want real change in their relationships. 

Overview: What To Do If Your Spouse Cheats w/ Casey and Meygan Caston

Casey and Meygan Caston review the following:

  • Why spouses cheat in the first place
  • What to do when you suspect your partner has cheated
  • How to create connection and foster communication in your relationship


Key Takeaways with Unfaithful Spouse

Here are my top three takeaways from my conversation with Casey and Meygan Caston:

Lead by Example

Having the mindset of “I’ll do better when they do better…” is a recipe for marriage mediocracy at best. If you feel like you want your marriage to be better, you need to better yourself first. 

  • Want better communication in your relationship? Start by being a better communicator or creating moments for communication. 
  • Want to feel more love in your relationship? Start by loving your spouse the way they like to be loved. 

Let’s be the change we want to see in our marriages. 

Honesty and Transparency Are Required

We talked a lot about infidelity in this conversation. And as Meygan and Casey pointed out, this all stems from a place of dishonesty and a lack of communication. 

If you’re not feeling loved, it’s time to talk about it. Be honest. Be open.

And if you need help with this, getting a third party can help a lot. Nicole and I worked with a marriage counselor during some rough patches in our relationship and it was time and money well spent. 

We came away with more empathy for each other and more tools to better communicate with each other. 

Make Time for Connection

We can’t say this one enough! If we’re not making time for our marriage, over time your marriage will suffer. 

This doesn’t have to be the classic dinner date night either! Find times for connection that work best for you. I like Casey and Meygan’s marriage business meeting idea!

Take 30 minutes on Sunday to connect, discuss the plans for the week and look over your family budget to ensure your spending and saving according to your family values. 

These get-togethers will help you create a thriving relationship. And your kids will see what it really means to be a partner in marriage. 

Guest Bio – Casey & Meygan Caston

Casey and Meygan Caston

Casey and Meygan are the founders of Marriage365, the #1 marriage App for couples who want real change in their relationships. Their platform and educational materials have been featured on Extra, Marie Claire, CNN and The Gottman Institute. 

When Casey and Meygan aren’t helping couples with their relationships, they enjoy spending time with their two kids at the beach in Southern California. 

Carpe Diem Quote:

When you're married, the person you would most like to love you is your spouse. And if you feel loved by your spouse, the world looks bright. But if the love tank is empty, and you don't feel loved by your spouse, the world begins to look dark.”

Gary Chapman

What do you think of the advice from Casey and Meygan Caston? Are you suspecting or dealing with an unfaithful spouse?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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