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You won’t reach your financial goals without the right tools. That’s why I put together this list of recommended products and services that I appreciate or that have helped me on my journey toward family financial independence.

The links below may provide me with an affiliate commission. This is at no additional cost to you. If you like what you’ve been reading on the site or hearing on the podcast, purchasing these products is a way to say “thank you.”

Investing comes with risk. It is best to meet with a financial professional who knows your specific financial situation.

Vanguard (PRNewsFoto/Vanguard)


Vanguard is an industry leader that I trust because of the reputation it has developed. This company is completely geared toward helping its investors succeed in their retirement planning by providing simple, low-cost retirement solutions like index funds.

m1 finance logo

M1 Finance

Recently, I became an M1 Finance investor. I was looking for a long-term investment solution that wasn't so cumbersome for people to start investing. M1 Finance is it!

Also, their auto rebalancing, stock/ETF slicing, and slick app make M1 Finance a strong competitor to Vanguard. 

Investing in the Stock Market

Personal Budgets



One of the most established budgeting apps, Mint allows you to sync your accounts so you can track spending in real-time. Users can create categories to break down spending further, which allows you to analyze your budget in a way other apps don’t.

I’ve been using Mint for almost 10 years and I’d highly recommend it. Here are some stand out features of Mint to mention right off the bat:

  • It’s priced right … FREE
  • Automatically syncs up with your accounts (bank, credit card, investments, etc).
  • A convenient smartphone app lets you see your budget activity in real-time
  • Tracks your net worth so you can see your progress over time

Click here to set up your FREE Mint account today

If you want to get started budgeting, here are some motivating articles to make it happen!



If you have a family that depends on your income, then you need a good term life insurance policy to protect them from the unexpected.

There are a lot of options out there. I like Quotacy because they shop the market on your behalf and find you the best deal possible. Also, their team members aren’t on commission so you know they are focused on getting a great deal for you and not for them.

Get a free quote today with no contact information required.

Life Insurance

Net Worth Tracking


Personal Capital

If you are looking for a comprehensive money management program, Personal Capital is a solid choice for your family. Like other apps, you link your bank and investment accounts to be able to track spending, saving, see current balances, and check on portfolio performance.

Personal Capital’s app is free to use, but they are looking to upsell you to their other financial services. The good news is you don’t have to upgrade to use their app, which is available on most devices.

Click here to get your net worth tracker and a $20 Amazon gift card for free.


Trust & Will

As a parent, it’s important to have a family will in order. This way, if anything happens to you, your family knows your wishes and your kids are protected.

Trust & Will is focused on helping families easily get this “to-do” off of their list and go on living their lives.

Check out Trust & Will and see how you can get your legal family will completed in just minutes from the comfort of your home.

Estate Planning

Health Savings Account (HSA)



If you have a high deductible health care plan and you want to save for your family’s future, check out an HSA with Lively. I’ve been using them for the past few years and have really enjoyed how you can both save AND invest your money while receiving tax deductions.

Check out Lively’s fee-free HSA options today.

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