Build Generational Wealth

Financial attitudes and lessons are formed at a young age – some say even as early as 7 years old! That’s why it’s crucial for parents to raise money smart kids.

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Build Generational Wealth

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GoHenry Review: A Financial Literacy App and Debit Card for Kids

My father used to say that lifetime financial success never solely depended on how much money people earned. He agreed that making a comfortable income could help fund wealth and security. Still, achieving monetary goals…

April 25, 2023
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Inspiring Generational Wealth Quotes

There are many things we pass on to our future generations, from family treasures to stories and traditions. Generational wealth is measured by what one generation passes on to the next. Fortune defines it as stocks,…

April 19, 2023
How to Open a Kids Bank Account with Ally

How to Open a Kids Bank Account with Ally

Generational wealth isn’t just about leaving your kids money. It can also mean helping them with their financial literacy now so that they manage money effectively as adults. One way to do this is with…

February 21, 2023
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How to Open a Custodial Roth IRA with Vanguard in 6 Steps

The best time to open a retirement account is when you first start working. But what if you’re not even an adult yet? Great news! Kids and teens with earned income can still save for…

February 7, 2023
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How to Open a Custodial Brokerage Account with Vanguard

$1 invested now can turn into $20, $50, or even $150 over time. That’s why compound interest is sometimes called an overlooked world wonder. To really see all the magic of compounding, you want to…

January 31, 2023
FamZoo Review

FamZoo Review (2023): Financial Literacy and Debit Card for Kids

Teaching financial literacy to your kids is an essential part of parenting. Starting early, discussing it often, and arming them with a variety of financial tools is a surefire way to help them think about…

January 5, 2023
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