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Become a Happy Homeowner

Family in the kitchen together

130 Quotes About Homeownership

Few topics in personal finance are more hotly debated than homeownership. Is it better to rent or buy? Should you pay off your mortgage early or stretch it out for 15 or 30 years? Everyone’s…

February 9, 2024
George Kamel and Wife Whitney

How George Kamel and His Wife Became Mortgage Free Millionaires

Plenty of us daydream about breaking free from debt. But can you imagine how it would feel to never have to worry about making another mortgage payment? As it turns out, achieving a mortgage-free existence is possible…

January 24, 2024
Andy Hill and kids

Life After The Mortgage is Paid Off

Are you thinking of paying off your house? Or have you recently hit the major milestone of mortgage freedom? Maybe you’re simply wondering about life after the mortgage is paid off. Well, I’ll tell you…

January 22, 2024
man thinking

How Do I Prove I Paid Off My Mortgage?

You’ve paid off your mortgage, but other than your word, you might wonder how do I prove I paid off my mortgage? You might need proof for future lenders or other financial situations.  The good…

January 5, 2024
Family buying a house

Buying a House in Cash: Pros and Cons of Getting a Home With No Mortgage

Does it make sense to buy a house in cash versus getting a mortgage? Perhaps you’re interested in downsizing from a larger house to a smaller one and you have the equity built up. Or…

December 20, 2023

How to Celebrate Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

You’re mortgage free! Congratulations! This was no small feat. Your hard work and dedication are deserving of confetti! But how do you celebrate a mortgage payoff? After all, paying off your mortgage is only something…

December 19, 2023
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