Build Generational Wealth

Financial attitudes and lessons are formed at a young age – some say even as early as 7 years old! That’s why it’s crucial for parents to raise money smart kids.

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Build Generational Wealth

Should Teenagers Have Credit Cards?

Should Teens Have Credit Cards? Here’s How to Know!

Has your trend-loving teen noticed the widening use of plastic when they go out with friends? After all, seven years ago 31% of people paid for consumer purchases in cash, while 18% used a credit…

August 29, 2023
Mother Walking with Daughter

UTMA vs 529: How Are These Accounts Different?

Any parent who has stopped to consider the different expenses related to having a child probably knows what it’s like to have their vision clouded with dollar signs. Raising children can be expensive! If you…

August 29, 2023
Unest Review

Unest Review 2023: Easy Investing for Kids App

There’s no question that parents want what’s best for their kids. Their finances are no exception. That’s why so many families are exploring platforms like UNest to help grow generational wealth. Dig into our full…

August 16, 2023
How to Open a Kids Bank Account with Ally

How to Open a Kids Bank Account with Ally

Generational wealth isn’t just about leaving your kids money. It can also mean helping them with their financial literacy now so that they manage money effectively as adults. One way to do this is with…

July 24, 2023
Teenage Barista

How to Open a Custodial Roth IRA with Vanguard in 6 Steps

The best time to open a retirement account is when you first start working. But what if you’re not even an adult yet? Great news! Kids and teens with earned income can still save for…

July 13, 2023
Mother and Baby

529 College Savings Plan: Why Parents Need One and How to Get Started

As a parent, there’s a good chance that you’ve already heard the jaw-dropping estimate that it costs over $200,000 to raise a child. What might drop your jaw even further is the fact that this…

June 22, 2023
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