Build Generational Wealth

Financial attitudes and lessons are formed at a young age – some say even as early as 7 years old! That’s why it’s crucial for parents to raise money smart kids.

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Build Generational Wealth

Dying Without a Will

Dying Without a Will Creates Confusion and Jeopardizes Your Family

Parents spend their lives caring for their children. They work hard to ensure they have the best opportunities possible. Also, they work to ensure their financial stability and to hopefully leave them with an inheritance…

June 19, 2023
Happy kid swinging

GoHenry Review: A Financial Literacy App and Debit Card for Kids

My father used to say that lifetime financial success never solely depended on how much money people earned. He agreed that making a comfortable income could help fund wealth and security. Still, achieving monetary goals…

April 25, 2023
happy family at sunset

Inspiring Generational Wealth Quotes

There are many things we pass on to our future generations, from family treasures to stories and traditions. Generational wealth is measured by what one generation passes on to the next. Fortune defines it as stocks,…

April 19, 2023
FamZoo Review

FamZoo Review (2023): Financial Literacy and Debit Card for Kids

Teaching financial literacy to your kids is an essential part of parenting. Starting early, discussing it often, and arming them with a variety of financial tools is a surefire way to help them think about…

January 5, 2023
Mother kissing daughter

Choosing How Much to Contribute to a 529 College Plan

For many people, creating generational wealth includes helping cover the cost of college for their kids. But what does that actually mean? You don’t want to save too little or too much. If you’ve ever…

September 6, 2022
Father and daughter reading books about money

Kids Books About Money: 10 Stories to Develop Financial Literacy

I love to read books to my kids before they go to bed. It’s a special time when we relax, joke around, and maybe learn a thing or two. Since I’m a bit of a…

September 2, 2022
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