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Mother Walking with Daughter

UTMA vs 529: How Are These Accounts Different?

Any parent who has stopped to consider the different expenses related to having a child probably knows what it’s like to have their vision clouded with dollar signs. Raising children can be expensive! If you…

February 4, 2021
Happy child

What is the Best Way to Invest for My Child’s Future?

Kat from San Diego touched base and wanted to know the best way to invest for her child’s future. Here’s her question: “My husband & I are looking into opening an investment/savings account for our…

February 3, 2021
Man Relaxing in a hammock

Index Funds vs. Individual Stocks: How to Keep Investing in the Stock Market Simple

Index funds and individual stocks each have advantages and disadvantages. So, how do you know which one is right for you? In recent years, the investing app Robinhood launched with a commission-free trading model. It…

February 2, 2021

What to Do After You Pay Off Your Mortgage: These 10 Steps Make It Official

Not sure what to do after you pay off your mortgage? There are some important hoops you have to jump through to make this momentous occasion official. After all that hard work in paying your…

January 27, 2021
Andy LeBlanc and Family

How to Become a Millionaire by 40 – with Andy LeBlanc

Do you have a goal to become a millionaire by 40? Andy LeBlanc from Utah recently hit the 7-figure mark and now he’s set to fully enjoy his 40’s and his financial freedom. As a…

January 20, 2021
New Year of Promise

Year-End Reflection and a New Year of Promise

A new year … and a new promise of opportunity for the lives we’ve always wanted.  I’m all about taking action to strengthen my family tree for the next generation to come. After the year…

January 6, 2021
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