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Can I Use My HSA for My Spouse? (And Other Common HSA Questions)

It’s no secret that discussing different financial accounts sounds a bit like alphabet soup. Take HSAs for example. When people start talking about Health Savings Accounts, you hear HSA, HDHP, and IRS. It’s easy to…

September 22, 2023
Financial Freedom Quotes

90 Financial Freedom Quotes to Inspire Your Wealth and Happiness

What would you do if you could be financially free? These quotes about financial freedom might be just what you need to get there! More than half of all Americans who make goals each year…

September 21, 2023
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Date Night Ideas That Aren’t Boring

The following is a guest post about date nights from Martin of Studenomics, where he tries to make personal finance fun since you have enough to stress about. You can click here to check out…

September 19, 2023
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100 Quotes About Homeownership

There are few topics in personal finance that are more hotly debated than homeownership. Is it better to rent or buy? Should you pay off your mortgage early or stretch it out for 15 or…

September 19, 2023
FundRise Review

Fundrise Review (2023):  Investing in Real Estate Starting at $10

Most people know that real estate can help accelerate your financial goals. However, many people feel that they don’t have the time, understanding, or cash to get started with real estate. Fundrise is looking to…

September 19, 2023
Why Stay At Home Parents Need Life Insurance

Why Stay-at-Home Parents Need Life Insurance

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of life insurance. And there’s an even better chance that if you have heard of it, you’ve decided it’s only important for people who work outside the home….

September 14, 2023
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