Simplifi Review 2024: Automated Budget Management by Quicken

March 5, 2024

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Money management can get complicated. You likely spend money every single day (and probably multiple transactions daily at that). Plus, there are bills to monitor and pay, investments to track, and many other ongoing tasks to keep up with.

Streamlining your financial tasks improves your overall quality of life, and the Quicken Simplifi app is aptly named to do just that: simplify your finances. In this Simplifi review, we'll examine some of its unique features and how it compares to similar budgeting apps.

What is Simplifi?

Simplifi is a personal finance management tool created by Quicken. While Quicken has been around since 1984 (remember MS-DOS?!), Simplifi was more recently introduced in 2020 to capture a younger generation of users.

Simplifi is a modern, comprehensive personal finance app that goes well beyond budgeting. It allows users to manage cash flow, track investment accounts, and set and monitor financial goals. It is less complex than Quicken, as it aims to summarize key aspects of one's financial life without going too in-depth into details and advanced analysis.

Simplifi Review

Some of the main highlights of Simplifi include:

  • Comprehensive dashboard – Customize a snapshot of your net worth, spending trends, upcoming bills, and more.
  • Savings goals – Set and prioritize savings such as an emergency fund, future car, or home purchase.
  • Spending plan – Determine your bills for the month as well as other planned spending.
  • Reports – Filter income and spending in various ways to analyze and improve financial decisions.
  • Watchlists – Set up completely customizable lists to monitor spending by the payee, category, or a custom tag.

Simplifi is available on the web and for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) devices.

Simplifi Review: Best Features

Despite being a late player to the game, Simplifi has a solid base of users who rave about it. Here are just a few of the best features that have made it an almost instant success among competitive personal finance apps.

Ease of Use

Within just minutes of creating your Simplifi account, you can access detailed, helpful information that can be utilized to make financial decisions.

The steps to set up your Simplifi dashboard are simple:

  1. Link your financial accounts.
  2. Identify your bills and subscriptions from the existing transaction list.
  3. Set savings goals.
  4. Add planned spending amounts (Simplifi will suggest amounts based on prior months, which is a great feature!).

From there, Simplifi provides clear, polished visuals and reports to help you monitor your spending and investments. At a glance, you can see past trends in income and spending, progress to specific goals, and upcoming bills.

On an ongoing basis, keeping your Simplifi data up to date is … simple. Log in regularly to your account to ensure all transactions are correctly categorized and accounts are still linked, and you're good to go!

Ability to Customize

Fortunately, Simplifi is not only simple to use but also allows you to customize nearly all its features, including:

  • Dashboard views
  • Categories
  • Payees
  • Account names
  • Spending watchlists
  • Alerts

In addition, it is one of the only budgeting software programs that accommodates multiple budgeting methods (such as traditional, zero-based, 50/20/30, etc.) rather than pushing one set method.

You'll find filters and options on nearly every screen, so there's no doubt that you'll be able to get the information you're looking for without having to export and analyze your data elsewhere.

Simplifi Reports

Low Cost

Simplifi is one of the least expensive personal finance apps available (other than the free ones, of course!). Their annual subscription fee is $47.88, which comes out to only $3.99/month (although they require a yearly subscription). They also frequently offer discounts of up to 40%.

This is a small price to pay for not having to deal with advertisements or upsells, which makes it absolutely worth it in our book!

Account Sharing

Within the Simplifi app, there are financial “spaces.” You can invite others to access, view, and edit your budget and other financial information in this area. Budgets that have been shared with you are also accessed within Simplifi's “spaces”.

This is an essential feature for couples and those needing to share financial information with a coach or financial advisor.

Simplifi Review: Areas for Improvement

As a newer personal finance product, there are bound to be some bugs and things that need to be refined. Because the software is still new, Simplifi is frequently adding new features. However, it may fall short on a few items that may be important to some potential users.

Lack of Debt Tracking

Currently, Simplifi doesn't offer tools to help analyze or pay down debt. Keeping a keen eye on income and spending trends, which are clear and plentiful in the app, undoubtedly helps to reduce future debt.

However, those with significant debt payoff goals may need an additional or alternate tool to help them plan for debt payoff.

No Credit Score Monitoring

On a related note, you will need to use other tools if you want or need to keep a close eye on your credit score. Having that feature in the same spot where you track other financial information is convenient.

Of course, many other options may already be available to track your credit score, such as through an existing credit card, Credit Sesame, etc.

Limited Investment Features

One important thing to note about Simplifi is that the investment features are significantly less detailed than those offered by their main Quicken product. This is intentional, as it aims to simplify and summarize rather than manage complexity.

Simplifi's investment features are limited to tracking the values of holdings and investment performance. It essentially focuses on monitoring but not on optimizing or analyzing investments. This is something to consider for those who meticulously track their investment data (and specifically those who currently use Quicken).

Simplifi Competitors

Monarch Money

Simplifi and Monarch Money are comparable tools that aim to provide a comprehensive look at your finances. Monarch Money has a few more investment-related features and additional budget customization options but comes at about twice the cost of Simplifi.

One way Monarch shines over Simplifi is in its' design for couples managing money together. There are no additional fees for additional users, and each person gets their own secure login.

See more detailed features of Monarch Money in our review here.

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

YNAB is a top-rated zero-based budgeting app that focuses almost exclusively on cash flow management. Users follow a set method of allocating all their funds to specific categories and goals as soon as money is received. This results in increased intentionality around money and a more proactive budgeting mindset.

If you are a fan of zero-based budgeting and want to optimize every dollar, YNAB may be a better option. However, Simplifi provides a more holistic view of your finances with a much less steep learning curve for new users.

You can find our comprehensive YNAB review here.


It's hard to beat free, and Empower offers many of the same money management features (and significantly more in some areas) as Simplifi, all without a subscription fee. Empower, previously known as Personal Capital, is highly rated among all platforms and has a dedicated base of users.

Empower provides less emphasis on budgeting and more on investing and retirement planning. So, if you are less focused on cash flow and more on those aspects of financial planning, Empower may be an excellent fit for you (of course, it may also be a good option to go along with budgeting in Simplifi!).

Find out how Empower's free dashboard can help you here.

Simplifi Review: FAQ

Is Simplifi worth the money?

For as little as $30/year (with their frequent discounts), Simplifi is almost a no-brainer. Those looking for an inexpensive way to manage their money without pesky ads or upsells will find it a small price to pay for the financial clarity they gain.

What is the difference between Simplifi and Quicken?

Simplifi was intentionally created to be more streamlined and less complicated than the flagship Quicken software. Those with complex financial situations may prefer Quicken's advanced reporting tools and investment management features.

In addition, Quicken offers a more traditional method of tracking finances and is only available in its most fully featured form as a Windows or Mac desktop program.

How does Simplifi compare to Mint?

With Mint no longer a competitor in the budgeting app space, many are looking for a simple yet efficient way to monitor their cash flow. Simplifi has very similar features without the downfall of pesky ads and credit card offers, which Mint maintained to keep as a free offering.

Like Mint, you can use Simplifi to monitor your net worth, set up budgets, create alerts for spending, and track investments and overall net worth. If you're looking for an inexpensive app to replace Mint, you'll likely find Simplifi the replacement you've been looking for. You can even import your Mint information directly into Simplifi.

Final Thoughts on Our Simplifi Review

Simplifi is a newer tool from a company with four decades of experience in the personal finance software space. The features offered clearly show that they know exactly what a user is looking for in a money management app: efficiency, clarity, and the ability to customize budgeting to one's preferred method of cash flow tracking.

Those looking for an intuitive, inexpensive, user-friendly way to monitor their finances will likely find that Simplifi is the best value among all paid money management tools.

What do you think of our Simplifi Review? Are you currently using Simplifi as your budgeting solution?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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