Rover Review: How I Made $10k Dog Sitting

July 6, 2023

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Let's face it, a great side hustle isn't always easy to come by. Sometimes, what looks like an opportunity to earn a little extra cash can quickly result in a killer case of burn-out. 

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could find people who would pay you to hang out with their fur babies all day? We recently sat down with Vee Weir, a multi-income entrepreneur who has found a service that offers just such an arrangement. 

Vee filled us in on how she was able to pull in an extra $10k a year with a pet-sitting app called Rover. Read on to explore the highlights of her personal Rover review, complete with tips for aspiring pet sitters. 

Rover Review: What is the Rover App?

While perhaps best known as a dog-walking app, Rover actually offers a much wider range of services for pet parents everywhere. The website connects pet owners to pet sitters in their local area, all of whom have been thoroughly vetted and undergone background checks. 

As potential clients scroll through each sitter's profile, they can check out their star ratings and any reviews they've received from other clients. The setup offers an easy way for pet owners to find and hire local Rover sitters who are a perfect match for their pet's needs. 

Vee says she first discovered the service back in 2018 when she was looking for a way to supplement her income while her newly established business Weir Digital Marketing got off the ground. That's when a friend and fellow dog lover told her about the Rover app and how she'd used it to make extra cash while living in DC. 

As a lifetime animal lover, Vee couldn't help but find the prospect of getting paid to hang out with furry friends all day intriguing. Little did she know that what started out as a side hustle would turn into the world's best part-time job. 

Rover Review: Which Services Can I Offer on Rover?

Interested in becoming a Rover pet sitter? Rest assured that there are plenty of opportunities available, even if you're terrified of big dogs or have a bad knee that isn't exactly conducive to dog walking. 

“There are different types of jobs that you can take on Rover,” Vee explains. Whether you only want to work with cats, dogs of specific sizes, or every fur baby under the sun, Rover lets you customize your settings accordingly. 

There are also several different types of services that you can choose to offer (or not) including:

Dog Walking

If you love dogs and long strolls around the block, then Rover makes it easy to connect with pet parents looking to pay someone to take their pooch out for a walk. Dog walkers enjoy plenty of freedom to set their own schedules and can earn extra cash working just a few hours a week. 

Drop-In Visits

Sitters who offer drop-in services drop by their clients' homes while they are away during the day. Available for dogs, cats, or both, this type of service entails things like topping off pet food, giving dogs potty breaks, cleaning out litter boxes, and giving lots of love. 


If you're up for keeping your clients' pets in your own home, then boarding could be the way to go. Plenty of cat and dog owners would prefer to have their pets stay in a sitter's home rather than drop them off at kennels. 

As long as you ensure that you've taken the proper safety and security precautions, cat and/or dog boarding can be an awesome way to earn an income from your own house. Just make sure you're aware of any permit or licensing requirements in your area. 

Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare is similar to boarding but on a smaller scale. While boarding usually involves pets staying in their sitter's homes for a few days while their owners are away, daycare is intended for dogs who need a place to hang out while their owners are at work during the day. 

The owner will usually drop off their dog in the morning and pick them up on the way home each night. Pet parents with active dogs find this a particularly great option because it keeps their dogs happy and their chewable belongings from becoming the stuff of horror stories. 

House Sitting

As an apartment dweller with three dogs of her own, Vee says that house-sitting is where she makes the most money. “I go to my client's home and stay there for an extended period of time,” she explains. 

Not only does she get paid to hang out with her clients' fur fam all day, but she admits that offering the service in her current hometown of Boulder, CO has a few perks of its own. “Because the income level here is so high, that usually means I'm staying in pretty big mansions in the mountains,” she says happily. Score!

What If (God Forbid) There's an Emergency?

No Rover review would be complete without sharing what they do in case of emergencies. While Rover takes a 20% cut of each job you book through the app, it offers some great safety perks in return. 

The Rover Guarantee covers each pet-sitting job!

  • If an owner or sitter's pet should sustain an injury during a job, Rover takes care of up to $25k in reimbursement for vet bills (after the first $250) for up to 30 days. 
  • The Rover Guarantee also covers any damage that a dog walker or sitter causes to a pet owner's home. 
  • It also covers certain third-party medical costs related to injuries sustained by someone other than the sitter or pet owner.
  • 24/7 sitter support is available from both Rover and qualified veterinary professionals.

While you'd generally want to be licensed, bonded, and insured to start your own pet care company, working with Rover can save you these hefty out-of-pocket expenses. Plus, it's always nice to know that you won't be on the hook if that Chihuahua you're walking goes rogue and bites a random passerby. 

Rover Review: How Much Money Can I Make on Rover?

pet sitting in the woods

The cool thing about Rover is that you can set your own pay rate, depending on your level of personal experience and Rover review ratings. Location can also come into play because, as Vee pointed out, sitters are simply more in demand in some areas than others. 

While the site offers services to pet owners everywhere, cat and dog lovers will likely have an easier time finding work as pet sitters in cities where pets are more common.  “I started dog sitting in Ohio in 2019 and I would make a couple hundred dollars a month,” Vee recalls of her earliest days on the Rover site. “But really, it started blowing up when I moved to Colorado.” 

For some aspiring sitters who are simply looking to bring in a little extra money, this may not be an issue. After all, the Rover website is a great place to find a side hustle or even part-time work. 

But if you're looking to turn it into a full-time job, it may take a little extra time and 5-star Rover reviews to build up your client list. No matter how much money you're looking to make, keep in mind that good reviews go a long way!

Negative reviews can seriously hurt your chances of getting hired, so always do your best to ensure that you're the best cat or dog sitter you can be. Simply treating each pet like your own can go a long way toward avoiding a negative experience.  

How Do New Pet Sitters Sign Up for a Rover Account?

Want to start earning money as a Rover sitter? It is delightfully easy to sign up and get started thanks to their website!

Simply sign up for a sitter account on the Rover website, customize your profile, and submit to a background check. Vee recommends opting for the extended background check, which can help you rank higher on the search algorithm the site uses.

Review your profile to be sure you've included everything a potential client might need to know. For instance, you might mention that you have a reliable car in case a dog owner is looking for a pet sitter who can drive over to walk their dog each day. 

Be sure you also include photos of both yourself and any doggies or kitties you've cared for in the past. Great photos can help a potential client get a feel for who you are as a person – plus photos of other pets are just adorable. 

Once you're ready to get down to business, visit the date calendar and select the times you're available to take requests. Last but not least, you'll need to set your rates, which Vee recommends choosing based on both your experience and the prices of other sitters in your area. 

Since our interview, Vee has gone on to expand her entrepreneurial pursuits even wider. Be sure you check out her new site Vee Frugal Fox, which offers plenty of awesome resources for getting out of debt and pursuing your money goals. 

Rover Review: Final Thoughts

In the beginning, you may want to start out by offering lower prices than more experienced cat or dog sitters who have racked up more reviews. As your own reviews grow, you'll be able to up your rates based on your solid reputation. 

If you have worked at a kennel, doggie daycare, or other pet care service in the past, be sure to mention it and ask past clients to post reviews on your profile. While they may not be verified reviews, they're a great way to let your potential clients know that their pets are in good hands. 

Set up your Rover account here and get started to see how far Rover can take your side hustle!

What is your favorite side hustle? Do you have questions about our Rover review?

Please let us know in the comments below!

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