Become a Young Millionaire

Wouldn’t it be amazing to become a young millionaire? Well, that’s what this section is all about.

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Become a Young Millionaire

Woman confused by laptop

Why is My Roth IRA Losing Money?

Are you wondering, “Why is My Roth IRA Losing Money?” You’re in luck! While we didn’t dig up any extra money to hand out, we did manage to dig up some answers. Meghan Rabuse, aka…

May 23, 2022
Couple on the beach

I’m a Mortgage-Free Millionaire. Now What?

You’ve saved and invested aggressively. Your net worth now exceeds $1,000,000. And you even paid off your mortgage! What do you do with your money now that you’re a mortgage-free millionaire? Well, that’s a question…

May 16, 2022
Man with Uncertain face

Is Now a Good Time to Invest?

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some folks are feeling uneasy about investing. Uncertain times can create nervous investors.  Colin is one of those folks. He asked this question about investing in a Roth IRA:…

April 4, 2022
Dad with son on beach

$1 Million Inheritance: Can I Retire Early Now?

If you received a $1 million inheritance, how would that change your life? How could you take that blessing and make it your way out of a job you don’t enjoy and retire early? Recently,…

February 21, 2022
jeremy schneider

Jeremy Schneider: How to Become a Millionaire with Index Funds

Want to become a millionaire? Index funds have helped our family achieve this 7-figure milestone. Jeremy Schneider from Personal Finance Club is an index-fund evangelist and thinks they are a great place to start with…

November 12, 2021
Nicole Hill & Andy Hill

Did Privilege Help Us Become Millionaires?

After posting a video about how we became millionaires in 10 years, a conversation about privilege came to the forefront. The video now has 1.6 million views and a boatload of comments about privilege vs…

November 6, 2021
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