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Coast FIRE Calculator

Coast FIRE Calculator: Find Out When You Can Stop Saving for Retirement Have you ever wondered how far away retirement truly is? Perhaps you’ve been saving for sometime and you’re wondering how close you are….

November 8, 2023
Building Your Coast FIRE 3-Day Workweek

Building Your Coast FIRE 3-Day Workweek

Each week, we get seven days to live our lives. A lot of us work five days and take two days to relax, enjoy our hobbies and spend time with the ones we love.  This…

October 16, 2023
Woman thinking

Coast FIRE: How Do I Know When I Can Stop Investing for Retirement?

There comes a point in time when you ask yourself, “When can I stop investing for retirement?” Not only is this a possibility, but there’s a whole entire movement around it. It’s called Coast FIRE!…

August 30, 2023
Coast FIRE Family

Why Coast FIRE is Better than Traditional FIRE

While money might not be able to buy happiness from the store, wealth building certainly has an impact that we can’t ignore. When people want more time with their kids and are looking to unlock…

March 26, 2023
Coast FIRE couple relaxing

How to Reach Coast FIRE by Age 30, 40 and 50

Coast FIRE is when you’ve saved up enough in traditional retirement accounts that you’re able to simply coast to retirement without any further contributions.  I love this concept because it allows you to metaphorically check another…

March 8, 2023
Andy Hill Laptop

Have We Still Achieved Coast FIRE After This Market Downturn?

For the past year or so, I’ve been talking about the freedom that comes with achieving Coast FIRE. This is when you accumulate so much in your retirement investment accounts that you can simply coast…

June 6, 2022
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