Things to Do On Mother’s Day (To Make Mom Feel Special)

May 8, 2023

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Mothers make the world go round. None of us would be here without our moms, and most of us would be a lot worse for wear without her love and support. Mother’s Day is one day set aside in a year when we focus on our mothers and the love and support they give to us.

While we must honor, cherish, and respect our Moms every day of the year, Mother’s Day is the opportunity to do something a little more. It is important to spend quality time together with Mom. But it can be a challenge at times.

Every family is different, and every Mom is unique. Some people have a mother-like figure they look up to. Some have multiple Moms in their lives. So finding the perfect gift can be challenging.

That is where this deep dive into Mother’s Day gift ideas can help make it easier to find the perfect gift for the Mom in your life! Let's look at some fun ideas for how to have a fun Mother's Day this year with that special lady in your life. Here are some ideas for a Mother's Day activity everyone will love as you spend quality time with Mom.

Brief Look at Mother’s Day in History

As highlighted by The History Channel, “The official Mother's Day holiday arose in the 1900s as a result of the efforts of Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis. Following her mother's 1905 death, Anna Jarvis conceived of Mother's Day as a way of honoring the sacrifices mothers made for their children.”

Being grateful for your Mother and her sacrifices can be something celebrated daily. But when Mother’s Day rolls around, it is time to kick it up a notch and go all out for Mom. Here are some ideas to consider to make this day extra special!

Things to Do on Mother's Day

Most Moms will tell you that the thing they love and cherish the most is spending time with their family. The hustle and bustle of life today gets in the way. It can be hard to find time to be together as a family. Dinner times, family games, and even just time to sit and talk are all harder.

Slowing down and keeping the focus on Mom and the family is a great way to ensure this Mother’s Day is perfect with a little pampering. Here are some ideas for activities you can do together with Mom and as a family to make her special day even better:

Stay at Home Day Off

Give Mom the break she needs. Let her sleep in, and have a day to do whatever she wants!

Shopping Spree

If Mom likes to shop, you can treat her right with a shopping spree to the store of her choice.

Farmer’s Market

Check out the local market and take Mom to find something unique and special for her day.

Camping Trip

Find a campground nearby and enjoy the fresh air and great outdoors together as a family.

Go to the Movies

You can let Mom choose the movie she wants to see and make it a fun family night together.

Fancy Dinner

Treat Mom like the queen she is and take her out to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Massage Session

Show Mom what she means and give her special treatment with a back massage.

Spa Day

Help Mom look and feel her best with the finest spa, facial, and cleanser session that shows her your love.

Hair and Nails

If Mom likes looking her best, then a session to get her hair and nails done by professionals is a smart gift.

Visit a Park

You can take Mom to the local park to show you love her and have a special day together.

Concert or Show

If you know Mom’s favorite musician or artist, then tickets could be a unique gift idea for a special day.

Virtual Brunch

If your Mom misses her friends from out of town, then a virtual get-together could be what she needs.


Having a good time with Mom at home and enjoying family time is also an option for Mother’s Day fun.

Family Movie Night

Grab some popcorn and a movie and enjoy a family movie night to make your Mom feel special.

Book Reading Session

Give Mom her space and some time to curl up with her favorite book for some personal reading.

Watch Old Home Videos

Bring back memories and share good times together by watching old home recordings.

Plant a Garden

If your Mom enjoys plants, then making a commemorative Mom Garden is definitely an option.

Have a Family Picnic

Whether to the backyard or the park, make Mom a special picnic lunch for her special day.

Make Dinner Together

Let Mom see what it is like to have someone else cook dinner and let her relax for a change.

Family Time Tradition

Start your own unique tradition that focuses on Mom and celebrates her and your love for her.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Buy From the Whole Family

Gift-giving is a time-honored tradition for moms everywhere. Sometimes Mom can be hard to buy gifts for. Mother’s Day can present a difficult challenge, especially for Moms who seem to have it all already or who answer the question of what they would like with “I don’t know, I don’t really need anything.”

A lot of pressure is put on families, mostly by society and cultural norms, to ‘get it right’ with the gift. So, if you are struggling to find the perfect gift in the store, here are a few ideas that might get the juices flowing for you:

Skin Care Basket

Buying Mom a basket tailored to her beauty and personal care can be a great gift for today.

Favorite Perfume

Buying Mom that special perfume she loves and always looks forward to using is an option to consider.

Special Day at Home

Make it easy for Mom to relax with no phone calls, alarms, or kids for a relaxing day at home.

Favorite Flowers

You can surprise Mom with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers to brighten her day.

Favorite Candy

Treat Mom to her sweet tooth cravings with some decadent chocolate or other candy treats she’ll love.

Scented Candles

If Mom has a favorite scent, find it in a candle and let her enjoy it anytime and anywhere she wants.

Personalized Jewelry

Commemorate this special day with personalized jewelry that Mom will love to wear every day.

Purse or Wallet

Help your Mom look great with fashionable accessories such as a new purse or wallet.

Journal or Diary

If your Mom likes writing and journaling, that can be a unique gift for Mother’s Day celebrations.

Clothes or Shoes

Let Mom upgrade her closet with some new clothes or shoes, maybe even ones personalized for her.

Bird Feeder

Let your Mom watch nature from the comfort of her home with a new birdfeed setup.

Fancy Dish Set

You can celebrate Mom with a special dish set that can be used on her special days.

New Sheets and Bedding

Let Mom feel great even when resting with some luxury sheets or bedding sets.

Wall Art or Home Décor

If you know Mom’s favorite art style then get her a nice framed art piece for her room.

Favorite Coffee or Tea

Help Mom relax and unwind with her favorite flavor of coffee or tea just for her.

Scrapbook Supplies

Buy Mom her arts and craft supplies, whether that is scrapbooking or something else.

Photography Supplies

When Mom is a shutterbug, buying her photography supplies could be a great gift idea this year.

Craft or Sewing Supplies

Feed Mom’s passion and creativity and help her start her next rafting project.

Wine or Other Drinks

When Mom enjoys the finer things consider buying some wine or fancy signature cocktail at happy hour.

New Photo Album

Help Mom preserve the memories of today for years to come with a new album or scrapbook.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Make for Mom

Few things will tug at Mom’s heart like a homemade gift. The best Mother's Day isn’t about the fancy things and a lot of pomp. It is about the simple, beautiful, and personal things. Making something special and unique for Mom is a great way to make her day special and show her how much you love her. She will love the time and thought you put into the gift.

She will treasure, use, and enjoy it for years to come. Here are some ideas for things you can make for Mom this time around to show her what a special lady she is:

Handmade Card

Few things will warm Mom’s heart the way a nice handmade personalized Mother's Day card will.

Nice Letter

Let Mom know just how you feel and how much she means to you by writing touching lyrics and words.

Piece of Art

Make your Mom a piece of art that she will be proud to hang on the wall and show off to everyone.

A Nice Dinner

Make Mom her favorite meal and treat her to an at-home dinner she is sure to love.

A Flower Pot

Personalize a flower pot or vase or make one yourself if you know how for a unique gift idea.


If you are good with wood and working with your hands, make Mom a one-of-a-kind gift.


Paint Mom a picture of her favorite place or thing and show her how much you care.

Book Binding

Make Mom a book of stories and memories that she can read and enjoy over and over again.

Picture Collage

Take some of Mom’s favorite family photo album pics and make a collage that she can always enjoy.

Video Montage

If you are good with videos and movies, make Mom her own video montage of precious memories.

Mother's Day Activities to Try With the Whole Family

You can definitely get creative when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day. You can find plenty of places, not even that far away, that could be great for an afternoon or day trip. Spending time out having fun with Mom is a great way to celebrate her and all she does for the family.

You can find local attractions and events that Mom will love. Make arrangements and see what local places you can take Mom to. Here are a few fun and popular ideas to consider to get the creative juices going. From mother-daughter events to outings for the entire family, you have plenty of options. This will help you prepare for a fun day as you spend quality time with the best Mom in the world:

Mini Road Trip

Traveling close to home for a day trip can be a great way to show Mom what she means to you.

Local Park

Visit Mom’s favorite park or quiet getaway spot and enjoy some relaxing time together as a family.

Museum or Art Gallery

You can take Mom to the museum or art gallery to see her favorite artists or the latest exhibits.

Hiking or Camping

If Mom is a fan of the great outdoors, take her camping or on her favorite hiking trail.

Local Zoo or Aquarium

A fun day with cute animals is a great way to spend time with your Mom and have fun.

Botanical Garden

For the plant-loving Mom, a trip to the local gardens is a great way to celebrate her special day and plan ahead.

Favorite Restaurant

If dinner is on the list for Mom, let her choose her favorite place and enjoy her favorite meals.

Surprise Trip

Whisking Mom away for a surprise visit to her favorite spot or her dream destination is also perfect.

Concert or Theater

Making the day all about Mom with a theater or concert trip is another way to make her feel loved.

Mom’s Choice

There’s no better way to let Mom know she is loved than letting her pick the activity for the day.

Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day With Quality Time

The wonderful thing about Mother’s Day is it is unique to each Mom and family that celebrates. You can make it as simple or as fancy as you want. You know your mom and what she likes. The day is all about finding the perfect gift and a special way to make Mom feel special. You can make it unique and special, just like your mom. All it takes is a little planning, and you can find many unique ways to celebrate Mom this year. Here are some ideas to help you get started with your planning to make this the best Mother's Day ever with the whole family:

Local Food Tour

Check the local bars and diners and see if there are any food tours and bar hops going on Mom may like.

Cooking Classes

Consider taking a cooking class with Mom and learn a new recipe you can make together at home.

Art Class

If Mom is the creative type, look at an art or other virtual class to attend together for a fun afternoon.

Dance Lessons

You can make Mother’s Day special for Mom with a fun dance class session for everyone.

Wine Tasting Event

Surprise Mom with the finer things in life with a fun wine-tasting event at a local brewery.

Bungee Jumping

If your Mom is a thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie, this could be a unique experience for her.

Commemorative Gift

Make the day special, and one Mom will remember for years to come with a special gift.

Breakfast in Bed

Treat Mom right and make her breakfast in bed, a classic Mother’s Day gift that never gets old.

Online Class

Let Mom focus on her education and bettering herself by getting her an online class she’ll love.

Private Yoga Class

If your Mom enjoys meditation and relaxing, she may find a yoga class very enjoyable.

Go Swimming

Whether it is a pool, lake, or ocean, swimming can be a fun and relaxing activity for Mom to enjoy.

Volunteer Together

Find a cause Mom cares about and find a way to give back by volunteering your time together.

Make A Personal Memory Book

Work as a family and make Mom a unique memory book she can treasure for years.

Professional Photoshoot

Treat Mom like the queen she is and buy her a session with a professional photographer.

Puzzle or Game Night

Keep it simple and all about the family with a family game night focused on your Mom.

Final Thoughts on Things to Do on Mother's Day

Every Mom is special, and every family is unique. Finding your own special way to make Mom feel loved is what the day is all about. Whether it is a one-on-one special day with Mom or a celebration for the entire family, you can find plenty of ways to make her feel loved.

From places to go, things to see, gifts to make, and experiences to share, you and Mom can make this Mother’s Day one to remember! Try a few of these Mother's Day activity ideas for yourself.

Come up with something fun and unique of your own. Just remember to keep the focus on Mom and what Mom loves. Let her shine on her special day this year!

What do you think of these things to do on Mother's Day? What would you add to the list?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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