These 5 Books Will Skyrocket Your Net Worth

March 2, 2017

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Earlier this year, I set a goal of having a net worth of $1,000,000 by the time I turn 40. What seemed like a lofty goal at one point in my life now seems decently feasible. I owe a lot of that success to the investment I've made in my education. And no, I'm not talking about college degrees (Go Green!). I'm talking about the small investments I've made in purchasing some of the most inspirational, eye-opening and motivating books out there on business, personal finance and professional growth.

I've had major epiphanies about the direction of my life while driving in my car listening to a new audiobook or laying on the hammock flipping through the pages of a new book. It is amazing all of the life-changing information you can find out there.

I want to share some of the books that I've read or listened to that have helped me to grow my net worth over the last 5 years. I'm hopeful they will help you in your financial journey as well.

Here are 5 books that have inspired me to action and helped me grow my net worth:

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

What's it about?  A best-selling book that dispels misconceptions about the wealthy and reveals the common traits they share.

Why I enjoyed it?  It was an eye-opening book that helped me get a better vision on my journey toward financial freedom. My understanding of what it really means to be “rich” changed completely after I finished reading it.

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

What's it about?  Dave Ramsey provides 7 easy to follow “baby steps” that lead people to financial prosperity.  

Why I enjoyed it?  This book helped me to become debt free and create a plan to pay off my mortgage by the end of this year.

MONEY Master the Game by Tony Robbins

What's it about?  Through his interviews with dozens of millionaires, billionaires and successful entrepreneurs, personal development guru Tony Robbins shares the secrets to reaching financial freedom in 7 simple steps.

Why I enjoyed it?  The complexities of building wealth and growing your retirement nest egg became a lot less complex after reading this book. It also introduced me to the simplicity and efficiency of index funds.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

What's it about?  Robert grew up being influenced by two men in his life – the father of his best friend (Rich Dad) and Robert's real father (Poor Dad). He chronicles the money lessons that he learned from both of these men as well as his personal successes with the goal of helping others escape the rat race of life.

Why I enjoyed it?  At a young age, this book helped me to learn the difference between active income and passive income. Since reading it, I've continued to seek out ways to increase my passive income so I can live the good life like Robert.

Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

What's it about?  This New York Times bestseller has helped people from all walks of life change their relationship with money and reach financial independence.

Why I enjoyed it?  Your Money or Your Life challenged me to take a hard look at my annual expenses. My inspiration to reduce our grocery budget by $300 per month came from the strategies shared in this book. More money for me and less for Kroger!

What books would you add to this list?

Andy Hill

Andy Hill is the award-winning family finance coach behind Marriage Kids and Money - a platform dedicated to helping young families build wealth and happiness. With millions of podcast downloads and video views, Andy’s message of family financial empowerment has resonated with listeners, readers and viewers across the world. When he's not "talking money", Andy enjoys being a Soccer Dad, singing karaoke with his wife and watching Marvel movies.


  • I would recommend proverbs. it has so many money insights but also practical life insight. Richest man in Babylon was another one that was simple but profound. ? Love your book choices. I have read most.

  • nice work!! The $1M net worth is right around the corner for me… Barring a $30K setback I just have this year… I’ve already adjusted my sights to a $1M cash invested portfolio. I think that is a better metric, however nothing like moving the finish line when I’m in sight.

    • I love setting goals! I still have a ways to go for the $1M net worth mark, but I can see how it is possible and it makes me excited to work hard.

      A $1M portfolio is super impressive Tim – you must be killing it! Way to go! I love stories of such success. It gives me hope for me and my family!

  • Great list Andy! Everyone of those books has significantly impacted how I think about money. They’ve all impacted what I discuss on, and they’re so different too. Rich Dad, Poor Dad isn’t so much like Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, but each book adds tons of value to the readers. Every book gives you plenty to think about and more importantly, tons of guidance to help you become financially free. Thanks for sharing!

    • Completely agree on the polar opposites of Total Money Makeover and Rich Dad. I enjoy getting a broad spectrum of opinions when it comes to financial success. Looking forward to checking out your site to continue to expanding my knowledge!

  • Total money makeover by Dave Ramsey has changed my life and the way I deal with money. I now believe I can do it because his baby steps are so clear, succinct and easy to understand. The podcast of his radio show is also great to help you learn more and stay motivated.

    • I completely agree Larissa! He has a great way of explaining the complexities of money that everyone can understand. In January I started volunteering as a “Financial Peace University” Coordinator at my local church. It has rocked my world to help families find the same type clarity with money that puts them on a path toward success. Congrats on making the commitment to the baby steps!

  • 2/5 – Rich Dad Poor Dad and Money Master the Game. Like DC mentioned, I haven’t looked into any of Dave Ramsey’s things. Really need to do that.

    Tony just released another book called Unshakable. I was hoping there would be new insights, but it seems like the focus of that book was to get people investing as many are just sitting on the sidelines.

    • Thanks for your perspective on Tony Robbin’s new book. I enjoyed the MONEY Master the Game book but if Unshakeable is much of the same then there are a ton of others I want to dive into first. Happy reading!

  • All great books! The book that started my love for personal finance was I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. It’s a good no nonsense book for young people who are just beginning their financial lives.

    • I’ve got that one on my list to read! Big fan of his blog and website. Glad to hear you recommend it Syed. I’ve been using Audible lately so I’ll throw that one in my queue for next week. Thanks for the reminder!

  • I’ve read a couple of these but need to dig into Dave Ramsey’s stuff, if not just to see what his process is and gain some understanding of why he is so dang popular!

    • His books have been very influential for me. His policy on credit cards is a little too stringent for my liking and I didn’t enjoy his investment strategies, but his thoughts on debt elimination were extremely helpful for us.

    • DR works because he makes it simple. We went from broke to totally debt free in 2.5 years ?

  • Your Money or Your Life is my all-time favorite personal finance book. It all starts by changing your perspective on money and then you can learn the personal finance basics. I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read MONEY Master the Game by Tony Robbins yet. I’m going to read it in March for sure :).

    • Oh, don’t be embarrassed about that one! It’s fairly new. No one really thought Tony Robbins would have much to say about personal finance given his background as a life coach but it’s a great book in my opinion. I just recently read Your Money or Your Life after it was recommended on the Tim Ferriss show by Mr. Money Mustache as a book that influenced his success. Let me know if you have any others that I should add to my reading list!


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