Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy Review (2022): Pros and Cons

November 12, 2022

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Tens of thousands of people have completed the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy course. Curious if this is the right fit for you as you consider pivoting into a new career? Find out everything we like (and where we think they can improve) in our Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy review! 

What is the Stay-at-Home Bookkeeper Academy?

The Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy was designed by a bookkeeper who realized she could build the life she wanted for her family and make her work fit around her family (instead of making life happen around work–a trap many of us fall into). So she created a program to help anyone learn the ins and outs of bookkeeping to set up their own at-home bookkeeping business. 

The Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy offers a variety of options. There's everything from an affordable e-book to a yearlong mastermind. This way, you can find the support that’s right for you! 

Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy Review: Best Features 

There’s a lot to like about the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy. There are two things that set it apart from a lot of the work-from-home job noise. The first is the fact that this course truly is designed for beginners. Second, it allows you to grow a real business.

Created for Beginners 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard a side hustle success story that’s been promoted as something anyone can do…and you eventually discover it requires a very particular skill set or maybe even a license or a degree?

That’s not what Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy is about! The academy is designed with beginners in mind. Maybe you have a background in number crunching or maybe this is all new to you. The Academy takes that into consideration.

The Bookkeeping Course offers a crash course in all things bookkeeping and financial statements. It also details how you can use Quickbooks effectively and start to find your first clients. 

You also have the option of purchasing more support from the Academy or the 12-month mastermind called the Inner Circle. 

Ability to Grow a Profitable Home-Based Business 

Do you want to work from home? You’re not alone! Remote work and flexible work are some of the most sought-after positions in the world!

But if you’ve ever looked for remote jobs in the past, you’ve likely realized a few things about some of the job listings. Oftentimes, remote work isn’t actually remote. The fine print of the listing might require you to live in a certain place or even be in an office for a certain amount of time per month or per week. 

Other remote jobs might actually be multi-level marketing in disguise. You quickly learn that the business is actually promoting someone else’s work–not an actual job you create for yourself.

The Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy prepares you for an actual career that you can run from your house–or anywhere else. You don’t have to sell anything (besides your own services), and you don’t have to push a product. Instead, it offers training, ideas, and even networking to help you launch your career as a bookkeeper. 

Some people see bookkeeping as a possible online side hustle that's perfect for parents, working with one or two clients. Other people use this to replace their 9-5 jobs. Grow your business as big (or small) as you’d like! 

Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy Review: Areas for Improvement

stay at home bookkeeper
Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash

There are several areas where the Stay-at-Home Bookkeeping Academy can improve. 

More Generous Refund Policy 

When we wrote the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy review, one thing that really stood out to us was that they updated their refund policy to state that there are no refunds. 

In a world where almost everything is either returnable, refundable, or includes a free trial, this strict no-refunds policy is uncommon. It’s also going to be a turn-off for some folks. 

Clearer Pricing

We’ll be honest here. The pricing is a bit unclear. You can get started with an e-book that costs around $5, and you can enroll in the bookkeeping course for just under $1,000. But depending on which links you follow, you might see other dollar amounts. 

For money-conscious families, clear pricing is a must. That way, you can either see if it will fit in your budget or set up a sinking fund to save. So we’d love to see more transparency here in the future. 

There are also reports of people purchasing the e-book and ending up being charged for the course. We are willing to chalk this up to user error; but the fact that there is a strict no-refund policy makes this harder to forgive. If there is no way for people to get their money back (especially if they mis-click or don’t unselect an option at checkout!), then the pricing needs to be crystal clear. 

Clearer Levels

You want to note that there are different levels to the Academy.

There is a bookkeeping course, then there are other add-ons for customers to purchase. While some customers express surprise over this, the ala carte model is really common for courses and other online sales.

The idea is that by purchasing the course and then offering upgrades, people are able to purchase the exact level of support they want. It also allows greater control over the price point. 

However, we do hope that the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy made these levels more clear from the start. When the program talks about the robust support it offers, it very commonly details the add-ons, not the base-level course. 

If this leaves you feeling skittish about committing, you can book a free discovery call. The call is intended to help you make the right choice based on your family’s goals. 

Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy Review:  FAQ

To round out our Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy review, we tracked down answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the program. 

What does the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy cost?

The Bookkeeping Course, which is a full six-course bundle, costs $997. 

Then, you also have the option to apply to join the Bookkeeper Academy or the Inner Circle. which is a 12-month mastermind course for an additional cost. 

You can book a free discovery call to help you learn what level of program might be the best fit for you. 

Who created the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy?

Tiffani Higgins
Tiffani Higgins, Founder of Stay at Home Bookkeeping Academy

Tiffani Higgins, a CPA, bookkeeper and Mom, created the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy. 

We actually had the pleasure of having Tiffani join us on the Marriage Kids and Money podcast for one of our most popular episodes! She shared with us how she went from feeling overextended and totally trapped to pulling in $5k a month thanks to her online bookkeeping business. 

Will this course help me become a bookkeeper?

Yes. The Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy and The Bookkeeping Course will absolutely help you become a bookkeeper. Within the Bookkeeping Course, you will learn the need-to-know basics of bookkeeping and financial statements. 

You will also learn more about:

  • Using Quickbooks online
  • Working with multiple business owners 
  • How to set yourself apart as a bookkeeper 
  • How to find your first clients

The Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy is not accredited. This is something to note. If you are looking for a special license or certification, you will want to look elsewhere. 

Final Thoughts on our Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy Review

The Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy might not be for everyone. But if you’re someone who loves crunching numbers and wants to give online entrepreneurship a try, this could be an excellent opportunity for you. 

A low-risk, high-value option would be to start with the e-book and then explore everything the Bookkeeper Academy has to offer.

Have you tried the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy? What was your experience?

Please let us know in the comments below.

Andy Hill

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  • I’m not sure how you went about getting your information to write your review, but as a former Academy member, I can assure you it’s not everything it’s made out to be. I joined 1 year ago in September for $8,200 right before a price increase to $12,000. Back then, I do think it was beneficial and included a lot of support and help for someone with no bookkeeping experience. I was excited to join and the discovery call I had really sold me on the fact that I could build my own business and the Academy would walk me through every step, along with being told after my first year was up I’d be able to rejoin at 50% of what I paid and could do monthly payments (so $4,100/12) so I took out a loan to be able to join and figured by the end of the 12 months I’d have enough recurring bookkeeping income to rejoin. The Academy consisted of pre made videos Tiffany had done (which even by then were somewhat outdated) and a Grandfathered FB group that had older videos as resources which were still relevant but often required you to watch a video and then figure out how to do it on your own but most of the videos didn’t make much sense without a client. Within 6 weeks I had found my first client. More support came in the form of 1:1 Zoom calls where a mentor would walk you through any help you needed with the account but were limited to 30 minutes. There were also Office calls where there would be multiple mentors on and you could sign up to get 30 minutes of help with whatever you needed. These were crucial and held a lot of value in learning how to do anything. You could also post any questions in the FB group which would get answered by mentors or other experienced students. Other calls included a Mindset Call, a Marketing Call, a Quoting Call, EFT Tapping Calls and a QuickBooks Basics call, all of which you’d be able to ask questions. Sales Call reviews were also part of the Academy but handled by one mentor in particular who had a background in both. Throughout my entire time in the Academy, Tiffani was barely present. The whole Academy was run by her mentors. Around May, there seemed to be shift in the feeling of the group. One of Tiffani’s longtime mentors was no longer with the Academy and all we were told was that she was focusing on her own business. Many students knew there was more to the story but nothing more was told to us other than a new person was hired to replace her but she would have more of a role in Student retention. Around July or August, the EFT calls and sales call reviews stopped with no explanation, both of which were sold as being part of the Academy’s joining cost. Again, no explanation. My time was up mid-September and I’d heard from other students whose time ended before mine that the rejoining fee was $500/month regardless of what you paid initially to join. I asked about this in an email with the new woman hired when she emailed to see if I’d be rejoining, and my question was completely ignored. There were other special groups Tiffani did that you could pay additional money for -The Gathering, The Inner Circle, but these either failed because she partnered with people who didn’t have the experience they told her they did or because Tiffany didn’t hold up her end of the bargain and the person she partnered with left the group because of Tiffani’s lack of integrity. Many of the people in those groups are fighting for refunds because they didn’t get anything they were promised. Since I’ve left the group, I can tell you Tiffani fired several other mentors (which is also what happened to the first one who left to “focus on her business” and also the EFT/Sales Call mentor) all because they disagreed with how Tiffani was handling the business. There are no more office calls with mentors, she’s doing the 1:1 calls now by herself and giving bad advice like telling a student to keep a bad client because “it’s easier than finding a new one” or telling another student not to worry about a client’s $10 difference in their account
    because “it’s only $10.” I know all of this because most of the former Academy students and many current Academy students are in a new group sharing everything we were told or what the current state of the Academy is. The Academy members who are still in the group but joined before she started firing people are very unhappy as it’s most definitely not worth the $12,000 they joined for. She went from someone focused on helping stay at home moms to showing her true colors as someone who is greedy and money hungry. She does have a couple of loyal mentors but most everyone else she has working for her is family-these are also the same people writing phony Google reviews. I will happily answer any questions you have as there’s many details I didn’t add and will also share your review with those former and current Academy members who are interested in sharing their stories. For anyone who sees this review, do your research and know that many negative reviews/comments are deleted and the Google reviews are less than trustworthy.

    • Lani, thank you so much for the thorough Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy review. This type of feedback gives people an understanding of the current state of the course and the follow-up of the “support” that’s being provided (or not being provided).

      I’ll be reaching out to you to learn more. Thank you for the offer.

  • I joined after teaching for almost a decade and I paid $12,000 for the course and had high hopes but quickly realized that the promised mentors and education was not upheld. It was a terrible experience and I closed my doors after two clients came my way and I did not know what to do nor get the support that I needed. I have told them my disappointment and they are simply saying that they are “trying”. I am currently wanting to request a refund for the time I will not be utilizing moving forward. Other programs are better at qualifying you and are far less expensive. It was really disheartening to see her toting a Lamborghini, mansion, vacations and luxury RV while I was struggling. I DO NOT recommend this path to anyone. Thank you.

    • Wow! Thank you for this feedback K. Can you share some links to her toting a Lamborghini, mansion, vacations and Luxury RV? That sounds horrible and very unattainable for the common small bookkeeping business owner. Was it like “this is what you could have too” sort of thing?

  • I am currently a student with the academy. I would not recommend this program to anyone. The training modules are lacking important information. I have learned more from YouTube videos then I have learned from the academy’s training modules. There is limited availability for one on one support. Many of the mentors only have a year of bookkeeping experience. Many of the seasoned experienced mentors have left, because they did not agree with taking away features of the academy that students were promised at the time of purchasing. The sales team stopped bringing in clients at one point because they could not in good conscience sell a program like this to someone for $12,000. Tiffani will not do any refunds at all. She has admitted that the academy cannot afford refunds. This is the person that is trying to teach you how to run a successful business. Anytime you have complaints about any aspect of the academy or say that you’re having a difficult time, it is said that you have a “mindset problem” or you’re “not trying hard enough”…..toxic positivity/gaslighting at its best. Students that have signed up recently are getting more features than older students who paid the same amount of money. This is just the tip of the iceberg. All I can say is do your research & trust your instincts. You’ve been warned.

  • My experience in the Stay At Home Bookkeeping Academy was very similar to what Lani Savvidis describes above. I had followed Tiffani in her free facebook group since 2019 and eventually made the commitment to purchase my year in the Academy in September of 2021. I got a loan to pay for my $8200 fee with the information that after my year was over, I would be able to have another year to 50% of my original cost. However, when the time came to discuss my renewal, I was told that was no longer an option and I could instead renew for $500/month, nearly $2000 more for a year than I had originally been promised. I also distinctly recall Tiffani saying in a video posted to the free group that she guaranteed that anyone who signed up for the Academy would have earned that investment back by the end of our 12 months(provided that we were doing our part to learn and put education into action of course) and that if we didn’t, she would continue to work with us for free until we did. She said it was her goal to help us earn a recurring income of at least $8000/month or whatever our personal goal was if lower than that. Of course, I did not save that video and can no longer find it as proof of these statements. But they were said and were a huge reason I decided to trust Tiffani and make the investment. Now over a year later I have only earned a total of $3200 in my business and still have $7000 owed on the loan I took out to have access to the Academy.

    For the first several months the energy of the paid group and involvement of mentors and group members helping each other learn and grow was amazing! Tiffani, however, most definitely did not have a presence there. It appeared that her time was devoted to loving up on new prospects in her free group and encouraging them to purchase her program. And that’s fine, one person can’t do everything. I only include the detail to point out that Tiffani herself was not the reason the paid group thrived for as long as it did. It was due to the time and energy of the group mentors pouring themselves into helping us learn to be better bookkeepers and business owners. They were integral to any success we had within the group and created an environment of mutual encouragement and building each other up amongst all of the members every day.

    There was a shift mid-summer 2021 when the way certain things had been done, like signing up for various services, would suddenly change with no notice to students. We would just go to sign up as usual and find it no longer worked that way. So a lot of confusion started happening. Then a prominent mentor was no longer around. Then 1-1’s were changed to only being available during scheduled zoom calls and a huge uproar ensued over that. 1-1’s had been a key selling point to every single person that joined the Academy and were 100% vital to our learning and success with clients. It was the only way we could share our screen with a mentor and let them see what we were dealing with and get advice on how to proceed with those issues. While they were technically still “available”, the zoom calls which they were now limited to only happened 3-5 days per week and were usually during the day. Many of the students utilizing the 1-1 feature still worked jobs and had families, so managing to fit these zoom calls into their schedule was challenging if not completely impossible for many people. Most of them were working their bookkeeping businesses very early and/or very late every day and were lucky to it in one zoom per week. Having to wait a week or more to get a chance at having a 1-1 was highly frustrating and not what was promised.

    Since the first mentor “left to work on her business” as we were told back in June 2021(turns out she was actually fired), many other mentors have also either chosen to leave a now toxic environment or been fired as well. It seems that voicing an opinion that the changes being made were not in the best interest of the students didn’t go over well with Tiffani. Losing so many of her mentors recently has left a void in the Academy which is being felt by everyone who knew it prior to May of this year. She has since hired new staff to be mentors in the Academy and to help answer questions posted in the group, but I have heard they are not competent. One person I have spoken with was lamenting that she has no confidence in learning from someone when she (the student) had to show the mentor how to get to a certain area in QuickBooks while trying to get her question answered. Questions posted in the group are frequently given answers like “I’m going to check my notes and circle back on this” just so they can say the question DID receive an answer within 24 hours of posting. Or they turn on post approval seemingly randomly. So the group itself is no longer a reliable source of information and people are having to turn to other groups in hopes of finding accurate information in a reasonable timeframe.

    It is my belief that the Academy started out as a good thing that was beneficial to a lot of people. I do not see it as such now. Hopefully it can be again, but I urge anyone considering purchasing Tiffani’s Academy to do plenty of research and get feedback from current members before making the commitment. And be advised that as stated in the contract, refunds are not given for any reason.


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