When Should I Tip? [Bread & Wine]

Andy Hill and Nicole Hill

With all the services and restaurants we interact with on a daily basis, it's hard to know when you should tip and when you shouldn't.

Nicole and I discuss the world of tipping and the etiquette we've developed around it.

And we also chat about the areas where we have no clue!

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Andy and Nicole's Tipping Plan


  • Sit Down Restaurants:  20%
  • Food Delivery (Pizza, Sandwiches, etc):  20% (rounded to the next dollar)
  • Coffee Shop, Sandwich Shop and any other Fast Casual Place: No tip, just a smile and thanks (if I’m a regular, I’ll drop a dollar every once in a while)
  • Larger Catering Orders Picked Up: 10%


  • Curb Side Check In:  $1-2 / bag
  • Transportation from Airport:  10%
  • Shuttle / Van to Hotel:  $1-2 / bag
  • Host at Hotel Opening Door:  No tip, just a smile and thanks
  • Porter Bringing Bags to Room:  $1-2 / bag (if utilized)
  • Housekeeping:  $2-3 / day
  • Valet:  $3-$5 / car
  • Concierge:  $2-5 / request (if utilized)


  • Check with the hotel or your travel agent to see if gratuity is included – if it is, no need to tip.
  • $20-$50 at the end of the week for individual staff members that made your trip extra special

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Do you ever wonder when you should tip? What are your go-to tipping policies?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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