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September 18, 2017

Superpower Advantages of ADHD – with Peter Shankman


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Each day we’re on this earth, we get a fresh opportunity to learn something new. We can learn a new skill, absorb new knowledge or improve our understanding of complex topics. With my podcast interview this week focused on ADHD, I feel like I learned in all three of these areas.

In the past, whenever I had heard of someone with ADHD, I thought, “Man, that must be difficult to live like that.” Not having the ability to focus intently and carry through everyday tasks would make life pretty frustrating. Now those things can be true of people with ADHD, but my mindset was in the wrong place. I was thinking of the negatives of ADHD and not the positives.

There are people in this world that have taken their ADHD and not only conquered it, but used it to their advantage. They’ve taken the negative connotation of the word “diagnosis” and replaced it with the word “superpower”.

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Here’s a short list of extremely successful individuals who have ADHD:

  • Richard Branson, Billionaire Business Icon
  • Tony Robbins, Life and Business Strategist
  • Seth Godin, Best Selling Author
  • Jim Carrey, Award Winning Actor and Comedian
  • Simon Biles, Olympic Gold Medalist

Heard of anyone of those folks?! Yeah, me too.

The list literally goes on and on. Today, I’m going to add one more superstar to that list: Peter Shankman.

Peter Shankman is a successful serial entrepreneur who started HARO (Help A Reporter Out) and many other businesses. He is also a Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host, Ironman Triathlete, Skydiving Instructor and Father to his 4-year old girl.

As an ADHD awareness advocate, Peter truly believes that ADHD isn’t a diagnosis, it's a gift. He has a new book coming out in October that shows how he and others with ADHD can be “Faster Than Normal”.

What are we covering today?

Peter and I chat about:

  • Why he feels so strongly about the positive side of ADHD
  • How he has harnessed those positive effects in his life
  • Ways we can ALL become more productive

If you know someone with ADHD or you simply want to learn to get the most out of your life, you will not want to miss this interview. This one is fast-paced, exciting and jam-packed full of productivity – perfect for the busy parent trying to make their family’s lives better.

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FREE Guidebook to Saving $1,000 Without Leaving Home: 3 Steps to a cool grand in your pocket. Enjoy!

Faster Than Normal:  Peter's Newest Book

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HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Learn More About Peter Shankman

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