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February 4, 2023

Rich Jones: How a Sabbatical Made Me Realize I Didn’t Want to Quit My Job

Rich Jones

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To combat work-life burnout, sabbaticals may be corporate America’s latest weapon against the Great Resignation. Rich Jones, the Founder of Find More Balance, recently took a sabbatical from his corporate career at Google and found some incredibly rewarding results.

Rich joins us today on the podcast to share those benefits and how NOT setting goals helped him become a better version of himself.


Rich Jones and I review the following:

  • Why he decided to go on a sabbatical from Google
  • What he learned from his time away from work
  • The reasons he decided to return to work

In this time of the Great Resignation, options that allow employees to continue making a living while taking care of their mental health is good for business. This chat with Rich Jones is a step in the right direction.


Here are my top three takeaways from my conversation with Rich Jones:

Learn More About Sabbaticals at Your Company

If you’re feeling burnout with your career, it may be time for you to investigate what options your company provides. 

Depending on where you work, your corporate workplace benefits may be an accessible resource through your company's internal website. 

If you can’t find the resources, check with your HR rep to learn more about what is offered at your company. 

Give Yourself Time and Space 

With my goal-oriented mind, I can forget the importance of giving myself time and space with no goals, deadlines, or improvements needed.  

That’s what Rich made me realize during our chat. 

It can be the OVER emphasis on goals, deadlines and improvements that can lead you to want the sabbatical in the first place. 

So whether you’re on sabbatical or just simply going about your everyday life, let’s all make more time to do nothing. 

Leisure, relaxation, and chill time … I think we could all use more of that. 

Make the Changes You Need

Coming back from a sabbatical just to jump back into the way things were previously would probably feel like madness. 

Rich talked about the importance of prioritizing yourself first. And the importance of talking to your manager about what is needed in order for this career to work for you.

In this era where employers are grasping to keep their employees, employees may just have the upper hand in this conversation for a while.


Guest Bio – Rich Jones

Rich is the founder of Find More Balance and host of The Mental Wealth Show, a podcast at the intersection of mental health and high performance.

He’s a Certified Wellness Coach (NASM-CWC), Masters All-American in track and field, and owner of the Mental Wealth Track Club. By day, he’s a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist at Google.

When he’s not talking careers, finances, or podcasting, he enjoys writing and watching men in tights fake fight to a predetermined conclusion. He’s also a foodie that will try just about anything once (unless he knows he’s allergic).

Resources – Rich Jones

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Have you considered taking a sabbatical from corporate work?  What do you think of the advice from Rich Jones?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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