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July 10, 2017

Mortgage 101: Rates, Rentals and the Great Recession – with Tony Gatliff


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You have been persistent, you’ve become best friends with Zillow and your hard work has paid off. You have finally found your dream home. Now, it’s time for the important next step of choosing your mortgage.

Some crucial questions start to pop into your head:

  • Can we afford this home?
  • What type of loan is right for us?
  • How do we get the best rate?

With all of the stresses of life, the home loan process can be overwhelming. That is why I stress that educating ourselves before we jump into big decisions (like buying a home) is our key to family financial success. (I sure wish I would have gotten more education before I bought my first home!)

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The other day I caught up with a long time friend of mine, Tony Gatliff, who is the Vice President of Mortgage Lending at BBMC Mortgage. After being in the industry for the last 15 years, it is safe to say that Tony is a mortgage expert.

Tony Gatliff, VP of Mortgage Lending at BBMC Mortgage
Tony Gatliff, VP of Mortgage Lending at BBMC Mortgage

With mortgages being an extremely important piece of the home buying puzzle, I decided to ask Tony to give us a solid background on the loan process.

What are we covering today?

Tony and I chat about:

  • The differences and advantages of 15-year and 30-year mortgages
  • The nitty gritty on interest rates
  • A quick synopsis of the mortgage lending crisis we experienced from 2007-2010

If you’re considering buying a home now or in the near future, today’s interview is for you. Educating yourself on the lending process will set you up for success when buying your next home.

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Show Resources

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US Legal Forms: Get your Will started today my friends!

US Legal Forms

Military Resource Radio: Tony's Podcast

BBMC Mortgage Website

Tony's Email: Tony “at”

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Carpe Diem Quote

“A formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

– Jim Rohn

Are you hunting for a home?

If you have a home, what type of mortgage did you go with?

Andy Hill

Andy Hill, AFC® is the award-winning family finance coach behind Marriage Kids and Money - a platform dedicated to helping families build wealth and happiness. With millions of podcast downloads and video views, Andy’s message of family financial empowerment has resonated with listeners, readers and viewers across the world. When he's not "talking money", Andy enjoys being a Soccer Dad, singing karaoke with his wife and relaxing on his hammock.


  • Great show Andy. My wife and I are closing on our home next month. We went with a USDA loan which we get 100% financing including the majority of closing costs. From what I hear, these loans aren’t very common but are awesome vehicles for certain people. Maybe in a future show you can mention this type of loan for those that aren’t aware of the USDA loan.

    • Congrats on your new home!! There is nothing like moving into a new house. What a feeling!

      I’ll have to look into USDA loans. That sounds like a great option especially if closing costs are wrapped in as well.


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