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October 2, 2017

Meet the Hill Family – Nicole, Zoey (5) and Calvin (3)


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We have reached a true milestone today my friends. Episode 50! FIVE-ZERO! That means for the last 50 weeks, this podcast has been focused on helping you and your family win with money.

I’ve shared my personal victories, failures and reviewed our family’s goals for the future. 

Additionally, I’ve interviewed over 30 experts and talked about all things marriage, kids and money. Millionaire entrepreneurs, early retirees and personal finance experts have all spent time with us and helped us to strengthen our family trees.

Although my knowledge has expanded immensely over the last 50 sessions, it hasn’t just been me benefiting from this information. We’ve had over 25,000 downloads, 42 5-star iTunes reviews and I’ve received personal letters from people all over the country telling me how much they are enjoying this podcast. They've told me how the show is helping them win for their families. My favorite notes are the ones detailing how they are binge listening from episode 1 through episode 50. I’m so happy to hear people are enjoying this message of family empowerment.

I want to say 3 Thank You's:

  1. Thank you to the 30+ experts that I’ve interviewed. Your time and knowledge is valuable. I appreciate you spending a half hour with me and the listeners of this show. 
  2. Thank you to the subscribers of this podcast, the folks in the Marriage, Kids and Money Community and the readers of my blog. Your support, advice and encouragement has allowed me to hit the 50 show mark with a smile.
  3. Thank you to my family – my wife Nicole, my daughter Zoey and my son Calvin. Your patience, support and love gives me the strength to pursue my passions. Don’t worry. I’ll always put family first.

Today on the show, I’m going to honor Nicole, Zoey and Calvin a little bit further. I’ve invited each of them to join me on the show today to discuss our relationship together and how we’re growing as a family.

These three are the reason I get up and work hard every day. They are my reason for being. They are my purpose.

What are we covering today?

After a quick chat with my daughter Zoey and son Calvin, I spend the most time speaking with my wife Nicole. In our interview, we discuss:

  • Some of our early financial blunders
  • How we learned from those mistakes and moved our family forward
  • Our exciting plans for the future

These chats helped me to think more intently about how I can be a better Dad and husband. I’m hoping there will be a few nuggets in these chats that you can take home to your families.

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I truly appreciate the podcast love everyone!

Carpe Diem Quote

“Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” 

-Brad Henry

What goals do you have for your family?

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Andy Hill

Andy Hill, AFC® is the award-winning family finance coach behind Marriage Kids and Money - a platform dedicated to helping families build wealth and happiness. With millions of podcast downloads and video views, Andy’s message of family financial empowerment has resonated with listeners, readers and viewers across the world. When he's not "talking money", Andy enjoys being a Soccer Dad, singing karaoke with his wife and relaxing on his hammock.


  • Love this one, Andy! I’m excited for you to have reached 50 episodes and this was a great way to celebrate and tell a little more about your story.

    • Thank you Kathryn! Nicole, Zoey and Calvin are the most important people in my life so I felt it was only natural to honor them. Here’s to the next 50!


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