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October 5, 2020

Why Index Funds are a Good Investment – with Paula Pant

Paula Pant

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With all the noise out there in the financial media, it's hard to know if index funds are a good investment.

Hot stocks that have had major spikes recently can be tempting to own. If you are looking for simplicity, consistency and proven growth over time, index funds may just be the everyday investor's best friend.

Award-winning blogger and podcaster (and major index fund fan), Paula Pant from Afford Anything, joins me to answer a listener's question about why index funds are better when it comes to her 401k investment options. Here is Beth's question:

“I’ve heard you and other podcasters talking about index funds being a good investment option. I’m looking into my 401k that I have at work. Can you help me understand why index funds are a good option to consider?”

Listen to Paula Pant and I discuss why index funds are a good investment option for Beth to consider.

What are we covering?

Paula and I review the following:

  • Are index funds a good investment?
  • Why index funds are better than actively managed funds
  • How fees affect your portfolio's growth over time

For those of you who have been long time listeners, you may remember that we interviewed Paula in 2017 about how she achieved her financial independence through real estate. Check out that episode and enjoy this one too!


Guest Bio – Paula Pant

Paula Pant is a podcast host, writer, speaker, and media commentator on financial independence and real estate investing.

She is the creator and host of the Afford Anything podcast, which has more than 11 million downloads and 2,100 reviews and is ranked by Apple Podcasts as one of the Top 50 Business podcasts.

She is frequently quoted in financial media including Forbes, Kiplinger, Lifehacker, The New York Times, PBS, Marketplace Money, The Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, Inc Magazine, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, The Simple Dollar, Get Rich Slowly, AssetBuilder, Wisebread, the Huffington Post and many more.

Paula Pant Resources

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“Stop thinking about what your money can buy. Start thinking about what your money can earn.”

 JL Collins

Do you think index funds are a good investment?

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are index funds a good investment

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