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November 14, 2022

Derrick Kinney: Make More Money to Do More Good

Derrick Kinney

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It’s the age-old question … can money buy happiness?

I know I’ve said it. “If I make more money, I’ll be happier.” If I can get the next commission check, if I can score that bonus, if my tax refund comes back bigger than I expected … THEN I’ll be happy.” 

But is that true?

To help us explore this link between money and happiness, I’ve invited Derrick Kinney to the show today.

Derrick is the CEO of Good Money Framework, the host of the popular Good Money podcast, and the author of the new book Good Money Revolution:  How to Make More Money to Do More Good

Overview: Make More Money to Do More Good with Derrick Kinney

Derrick Kinney reviews the following:

  • How to make more money at work
  • Why we need to align our purpose and our profit
  • How to make more money outside of our jobs


Key Takeaways

Here are my top three takeaways from my conversation with Derrick Kinney.

Tie Your Profit to Purpose

After you take care of your basic needs and you’re able to move out of the everyday “fear mode” that sometimes comes with money, the general increase in happiness that comes with more money can be short-lived.

That is if it’s tied to material things. 

Derrick makes the point that we need to have a bigger purpose for the use of our extra money. For everyone that can be different, but big purposes like strengthening family, community and our society at large sound like worthwhile purposes to me. 

Steadily Increase Your Giving Over Time

If you’re not giving much today, giving higher percentages like 5% or 10% might feel impossible.

But if you have a cause or a purpose that calls to your heart, giving just a bit more over the months and years can really start to add up.

Nicole and I did this in our family. Just 5 years ago, we realized we were giving just 1% of our income. There was nothing wrong with that, but we wanted to do more.

Over the next few years, we laddered up from 1% to 3%. And then again from 3% to 5%. Today, we give 10% in our own way with 5% going to charities and causes we believe in and another 5% to family, friends and neighbors in need. 

But this 10% didn’t happen overnight. It took 5 years to ease into it! So if this message calls to your heart, give yourself a goal and ladder up your giving. 

The More Your Give the More Comes Back to You

Derrick’s made a point about when you give more, you get more in return. It feels right to me.

Some of the most memorable and meaningful moments in my life have come from giving my time, money and voice.

Perhaps you’re in a season right now where giving more money is tough. Well, perhaps you can give your time instead. 

Time is tight? Well, use your voice through social media or through conversation to boost up a cause or charity you care about. 

There are always ways to give. It just takes us being willing to give. 

I believe that willingness has the potential to make our communities, our country, and the world a better place to live.  

Guest Bio – Derrick Kinney

Derrick Kinney believes money is not bad and good people should have more of it. After applying these proven principles with thousands of clients, Kinney sold his multimillion-dollar business to teach these success steps to you.

As CEO of Good Money Framework and host of the popular Good Money podcast, Kinney visits with influential business and thought leaders to inspire you to make more money and use it for good.

Known for making complex financial topics easy to understand, Kinney is a sought- after guest on local and national media where he has been interviewed on CNBC, FOX News, CNN, FOX Business, PBS, Cheddar News, and Wall Street Journal among others.

Resources – Derrick Kinney

Website: Good Money Framework

Book: Good Money Revolution

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Carpe Diem Quote:

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

– Robert Louis Stevenson

What do you think of the advice from Derrick Kinney? Is it possible for you to make more money to do more good in the world?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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