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November 27, 2017

Protect Your Family With Hassle-Free Term Life Insurance – with Jeremy Hallett


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Last month at a dinner in Dallas, I met Jeremy Hallett who is the founder of Quotacy. We chatted about his new company being a hassle-free resource for life insurance. He let me know that their big goal is to protect 1,000,000 families by getting them set up with affordable term life insurance.

Evidently, there are over 10 million people who want to buy life insurance, but the old-school process that’s out there is so freaking complicated that they’ve just given up. Jeremy and Quotacy are on a mission to break down the complications, keep the communication process simple and remove the uncomfortable icky sales process involved in traditional insurance sales. 

About Our Guest:  Jeremy Hallett

Jeremy loves challenges and tries to change the world with one kindness at a time. Why? He believes in the butterfly principle, that no one knows which of their actions will have an impact on large parts of the world.

Jeremy Hallett from Quotacy
Jeremy Hallett, Founder of Quotacy

Often small kindnesses seem trivial, but he trusts that every now and then a kindness that we give to someone makes a much greater difference. He believes this principle serves us well. At Quotacy, Jeremy’s role is to envision a 21st century company where every client is given the opportunity to quote without paying by way of personal information and the buying process is thoughtful and caring.

What are we covering today?

Jeremy and I review:

  • Why people need life insurance
  • How Quotacy is different from other partners out there
  • Why some coverage is better than no coverage

If you don't have life insurance in place, take a listen to today's show. We're covering all of the important ins-and-outs of term life insurance and how it's an easy way to protect your family today.


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