Control Your Money to Control Your Life – with Peter Polson

On a train to downtown Dallas for FinCon17, I randomly caught up with the Founder of Tiller, Peter Polson. Tiller is a customizable money management tool that harnesses the power of Google Sheets. Peter and I had an inspiring chat about family, business and how his company is helping people control their money and, in turn, control their lives.

About Our Guest:  Peter Polson

Peter loves designing great products and creating tools and systems that help people live better lives.

Peter Polson Tiller
Peter Polson, Founder of Tiller

He was a founder and president of Junxion (acquired by Sierra Wireless) and later CEO at Dashwire (acquired by HTC). He enjoys most activities around mountains and water, especially skiing and hiking with his family. His kids gasp in amazement at the pennies he can magically pull out of their ears.

What are we covering today?

Peter and I discuss:

  • The importance of monthly budgeting
  • How consistent money management gives you control of your life
  • Why Tiller might be the right budgeting solution for you

If you’ve been listening to this show for a while, you know that I attribute the majority of our family’s financial success to our monthly “budget parties”. It's no surprise I was interested in chatting with someone who feels the same way. Peter’s a family man, a financial success and he’s followed his passion to help other families win with their money. 


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30-Day Free Trial of Tiller

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