How to Become a Millionaire in your 30’s – Interview 18 (Financial Gladiator)

December 6, 2018

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Young millionaire status and financial independence can both be attained by building up your passive income through real estate and lowering your cost of living. That's what has worked well for the blogger known as the Financial Gladiator!

By investing early and growing his portfolio, the Financial Gladiator achieved financial independence in his early 30's and now enjoys life traveling the globe as a scuba instructor. Now, that's the life!

Let's learn how he did it!

The Details

How old are you? If you have a family, tell us about them and their ages.

I am 36 and have a girlfriend. I don't have any kids yet, but planning on it for the future.

What part of the country do you live in? Do you own your home or rent?

I own 5 apartments in Poland outright but have them all rented out. I keep busy traveling and have a room at my grandmother’s for the odd times I am actually at home in Poland. So mostly I stay in hotels, homestays, AirBnB or at family or friends.

When did you start tracking your net worth? What was it at that time?

I started tracking seriously at around $300,000. Before that, I was too busy working to realize what I amounted across my savings account, my pension mutual fund, and my corporate employee stocks.

What is your current net worth? What are your assets and what are your liabilities?

I do not have any liabilities (I even got rid of my credit cards).  As it turns out my bank didn’t want me as a customer anymore after I started traveling full-time and working as dive instructor occasionally. I didn’t have a permanent address anymore.

I estimate my current net worth at around $1,100,000 (USD), but I keep track of it in SGD/ AUD as most of my income and savings were generated in Australia and Singapore. I hold around $35,000 in cash, $110,000 in a  pension fund in Australia and have $1,000,000 in real estate.

Ocean view in the Maldives

The Process

What are your current sources of income?

My income comes from five 1-2 bedroom apartments in Poland that generate a net income (after tax and maintenance fees) of roughly $3,200  -$3,500 per month.

What has been the single best thing you’ve done to increase your income up to this point?

I have always focused on self-development, gaining experience, spending time and working with the most talented folks. Climbing the career ladder I went from working from waiting tables to becoming a management consultant to becoming a Senior Manager in a global software company.

What ways do you invest your money?

The safest way possible. No stock market or paper money. I prefer to retain 100% control and do not speculate. I forgo higher possible returns for peace of mind. Nobody cares about my money as much as I do.

Did you receive an inheritance or windfall of some kind during your life so far?

My parents paid for my education (mostly free in Europe). No inheritance as all are healthy and alive :)

Do you have any debts? If so, what are they? Which have you paid off?

I used to have a car loan which I paid within three years. I hated being under the thumb and never took a loan again.

How do you track your net worth?


What are your annual expenses?

When I was still working it was around $100,000. Now it is around $20,000. I am happier than ever.

What is your favorite fintech tool that helps you grow your wealth?

I track my expenses with the Wally App. It supports multiple currencies. It's awesome if you travel as much as I do.

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Young Millionaire

Why is it important for you to build up your wealth?

Right now I am only interested in keeping my wealth secure and expanding it slowly. It is important so that I can feel safe and focus on life.

What is one financial hack that has helped you that you think most people don’t know about?

I don’t listen to what the masses are doing, I usually run the opposite direction to the herd.

Where do you find the most joy in your life?

I love scuba diving so much that I became a dive instructor this year in Bali and taught a summer season in Mallorca. Sharing my passion with others is most rewarding even if it barely pays your basic lifestyle as a diver.

For the 20-something with a $0 net worth, what advice would you give them to become a millionaire in their 30's? Do not ever become a slave to a bank or government and train to fight for your financial freedom like gladiators fought for it in the days of the Roman Empire. In practical terms this means: Don’t take out any loans, assess every expense for the value it brings to your life, and track your expenses for full awareness. Invest and do not gamble/ speculate with your savings.

Where are you in your net worth journey?

Please let me know in the comments below!

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