Strengthen Your Marriage

Getting married is an incredibly beautiful thing. Staying happily married is even better! We are collecting the best resources and interviews to help you strengthen your marriage and take your relationship to the next level.

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Strengthen Your Marriage

I Only Want To Work Part Time

I Only Want To Work Part Time. Is It Possible?

Are you dreaming of having more control over your time? Do you want to design your days differently? If early retirement isn’t on the horizon, part time work might be the solution. Many people find…

June 19, 2023
Money and Love

Money and Love: Navigating Big Decisions in Marriage

Money and love … with so many emotions around both subjects, there’s bound to be difficulty. While we can’t eliminate all strife when it comes to relationships and money, we can become better communicators.  To help…

March 20, 2023
Financial Infidelity in Marriage

Financial Infidelity: What Should You Do?

Strong marriages are built on a foundation of communication, trust, and honesty. But when these principles begin to break down, things can quickly head in the wrong direction. One type of marital conflict that stems…

March 20, 2023
Holderness Family

Holderness Family: Everybody Fights So Why Not Get Better at It?

Are you having more marriage fights lately? Kim and Penn Holderness, of Holderness Family Productions, join us to discuss their new book “Everybody Fights: So Why Not Get Better at It?“. After more than a…

March 6, 2023
Mother and son together

Money After Divorce: 6 Steps to Take to Thrive Financially

Managing money after divorce can be incredibly overwhelming at first. Not only are you dealing with the emotional fallout from your marriage ending, but now you have financial responsibilities you are shouldering on your own….

December 2, 2022
Hill family

Got Money Fights? Here’s How Marriage Counseling Helped Our Relationship

After some major marital money fights a few years ago, my wife brought up marriage counseling. Going to a therapist was not something I wanted to do, but it was important to my wife. Here…

October 3, 2022
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