Become a Young Millionaire

Wouldn’t it be amazing to become a young millionaire? Well, that’s what this section is all about.

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Become a Young Millionaire

Faith and Leo Jean-Louis

How to Invest $100,000 (After You’re Debt Free) – w/ Faith & Leo-Jean Louis

Faith & Leo Jean-Louis recently paid off over $200,000 of debt. The year after, they decided to invest $100,000 in the stock market to build generational wealth for their young family. In today’s interview, we…

January 25, 2021

The 10 Steps I Took to Quit My Job to Start My Business

One year ago I decided to quit my job and work on my small business full-time. After 15 years of working as an event marketing professional, I decided that I was ready for a new…

January 19, 2021

How This Teacher Made a Million Dollars in the Stock Market Before 40 – with Brian Weitzel

Ever want to know how regular people make a million dollars in the stock market? High school teacher Brian Weitzel tells us how he did it. By age 35, high school teacher Brian Weitzel already…

November 30, 2020
Election Results

Election Results: Should I Change My Investment Strategy?

Election 2020! What a year! The news, the tweets, the lawn signs! Honestly, I’m so glad it’s all over.  Between the election, the pandemic, and the craziness of my kid’s in-person school getting cancelled, uncancelled and…

November 16, 2020
choose path

Roth vs Traditional IRA: Which is Right for You?

When you’re investing for the future, you may come up against the choice of Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA. Both are smart retirement investment options, but for different reasons. Alyssa asked us this question recently…

November 2, 2020
Dual Income No Kids

Dual Income No Kids: What To Do With Extra Money

Scott and his husband are a dual income no kids (DINK) household. They have come into some extra money lately and want to know what to do with it. Do they invest the money? Do…

October 19, 2020
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