Achieve Financial Independence

For those just starting their journey to financial independence all the way to those planning to retire early, we have a series of interviews and articles to get you inspired to take action for your family today.

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Achieve Financial Independence

Andy Hill and Nicole Hill

Are You a Sell Out? [Bread & Wine]

What classifies someone as a “sell-out”? Nicole and I explore whether either one of us has been a sell-out in the past. We also discuss what it actually means to be a sell-out. We all…

October 1, 2021
Marcus Garrett

Should I Invest or Buy a House? [with Marcus Garrett]

Caitlin wants to know if she should invest or buy a house. This is a tough decision that a lot of people grapple with especially as they become debt-free. Marcus Garrett, Financial Expert and Author…

September 20, 2021
Andy Hill & Nicole Hill

Die With Zero: When FIRE Meets YOLO [Bread & Wine]

After reading “Die With Zero” by Bill Perkins, I feel like a changed man. I’ve gone from “super saver” over the last decade to now maximizing my life experiences as much as possible. Nicole and…

September 17, 2021
Andy Hill and Nicole Hill

I Don’t Agree With My Financial Advisor. Is That Okay? [Bread & Wine]

If you get advice from your financial advisor and you don’t agree, should you follow it anyway? After all, they do have more education and experience than you. But in the end, aren’t your motivations…

September 11, 2021
The Hill Family

We Reached Coast FIRE! How We Saved $500,000 by 40

Coast FIRE … You’ve maybe heard of this concept before, but perhaps you don’t know what it is. That’s what YouTube subscriber Allen is feeling right now. He asked me to make some content clarifying…

September 6, 2021
Daniella Flores

The Benefits of a Side Hustle While Working Full-Time [w/ Daniella Flores]

According to a Zapier survey, 1 in 3 Americans has a side hustle in 2021. This number has grown significantly over the recent years.  So … why the growth? What is the attraction to the side…

August 23, 2021
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