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things to do on mothers day

Things to Do On Mother’s Day (To Make Mom Feel Special)

Mothers make the world go round. None of us would be here without our moms, and most of us would be a lot worse for wear without her love and support. Mother’s Day is one…

May 8, 2023
Joint Bank Account Pros and Cons

Joint Bank Account Pros and Cons in Marriage

Few topics leave people in the personal finance community more divided than the subject of joint bank accounts. Do you keep your finances separate? Do you merge everything? Maybe it’s best to do a combination….

May 1, 2023
Family Gap Year

How and Why To Plan a Family Gap Year

The family gap year, aka family sabbatical, is an increasingly popular trend in which a whole family takes a collective break from normal life to set out on an epic full-year travel adventure. Whether you want to…

April 26, 2023
Happy kid swinging

GoHenry Review: A Financial Literacy App and Debit Card for Kids

My father used to say that lifetime financial success never solely depended on how much money people earned. He agreed that making a comfortable income could help fund wealth and security. Still, achieving monetary goals…

April 25, 2023
happy family at sunset

Inspiring Generational Wealth Quotes

There are many things we pass on to our future generations, from family treasures to stories and traditions. Generational wealth is measured by what one generation passes on to the next. Fortune defines it as stocks,…

April 19, 2023
Happy Couple on the Beach

Managing Money as a Couple: 7 Steps to a Wealthy Marriage

Managing money as a couple is important. Conflict over money is one of the biggest predictors of divorce. Conversely, managing your finances effectively as a couple can catapult you to financial success. But how do…

April 12, 2023
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