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Family buying a house

Buying a House in Cash: Pros and Cons of Getting a Home With No Mortgage

Does it make sense to buy a house in cash versus getting a mortgage? Perhaps you’re interested in downsizing from a larger house to a smaller one and you have the equity built up. Or…

December 20, 2023

How to Celebrate Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

You’re mortgage free! Congratulations! This was no small feat. Your hard work and dedication are deserving of confetti! But how do you celebrate a mortgage payoff? After all, paying off your mortgage is only something…

December 19, 2023
Empower Review

Empower Review 2024 (fka Personal Capital): Free Tools To Build Wealth

Keeping track of your full financial picture is no small task. There are a lot of moving parts. You set up a budget, track your expenses, and then review. Plus, you make investment decisions and…

December 18, 2023
CashFreely Review

CashFreely Review 2024: Earn Cashback for More Fun Money

Are you a credit card user? There’s a good chance you are. In 2021, more than 80% of American adults reported they have at least one credit card. If you are a credit card user,…

December 11, 2023
Mother Daughter Activities

40 Mother Daughter Activities to Bond Over

Family dynamics can be very complicated and will vary significantly from one family to the next. These interpersonal relationships are essential for every member of the family. While father-son bonding activities can get a lot…

December 8, 2023

Why We’re Giving $100 Tips During the Holidays (And You Should Too)

As we’re out and about enjoying the holidays this year, we will more than likely interact with someone in the service industry. We may be served by a waitress, greeted by a host, or checked…

December 1, 2023
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