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Ashley Reign

George Kamel and Wife Whitney

How George Kamel and His Wife Became Mortgage Free Millionaires

Plenty of us daydream about breaking free from debt. But can you imagine how it would feel to never have to worry about making another mortgage payment? As it turns out, achieving a mortgage-free existence is possible…

January 24, 2024
Best Jokes About Money

80 Best Jokes About Money: Puns, Jokes and More!

Sometimes,  there’s nothing like a little humor to brighten your day! Get ready to laugh, groan, and everything in between as you get a load of this collection of the best money jokes and puns!…

November 20, 2023
Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant

7 Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant

Ever wish you didn’t have to sacrifice so much of your personal life to enjoy a healthy professional life? The good news is that there are now more opportunities to work from home than ever…

October 24, 2023
Couple looking at laptopl

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Thinking about what would happen in the event of your untimely death isn’t the cheeriest way to spend an afternoon. Unfortunately, it’s nothing compared to the financial struggles that families face when a loved one…

October 3, 2023
James Lowery and Emily Lowery

Managing Airbnbs Remotely: How We’re Traveling and Earning $120k Per Year

There once was a time when the idea of making a passive income from anywhere in the world sounded like the stuff that completely unrealistic fantasies are made of. But these days, more people than…

July 25, 2023
Rover Review

Rover Review: How I Made $10k Dog Sitting

Let’s face it, a great side hustle isn’t always easy to come by. Sometimes, what looks like an opportunity to earn a little extra cash can quickly result in a killer case of burn-out.  Wouldn’t it…

July 6, 2023
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