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Andy Hill

Paradisus Cancun Review

Paradisus Cancun Review (2024): All-Inclusive Pros and Cons

Recently, our family experienced a seven-day getaway at the all-inclusive Paradisus Cancun resort. This vacation was just what we needed to escape winter’s cold and recharge our batteries as parents. We’ve been fortunate enough to…

February 27, 2024
Couple shocked

What To Do With Your Tax Refund: 7 Smart Ways To Spend It

So you got a big tax refund?! What an awesome feeling! The big question is … What to do with your tax refund? The first reaction for those of us who work long hours and…

February 19, 2024
Family in the kitchen together

130 Quotes About Homeownership

Few topics in personal finance are more hotly debated than homeownership. Is it better to rent or buy? Should you pay off your mortgage early or stretch it out for 15 or 30 years? Everyone’s…

February 9, 2024
Couple with laptop smiling

Empower vs. Monarch:  Which is Better for Tracking My Money?

Tracking your money is a powerful habit. It can shed a lot of light on your current spending habits. But what’s the best tool to use for it? In this Empower vs. Monarch comparison, you’ll…

January 23, 2024
Andy Hill and kids

Life After The Mortgage is Paid Off

Are you thinking of paying off your house? Or have you recently hit the major milestone of mortgage freedom? Maybe you’re simply wondering about life after the mortgage is paid off. Well, I’ll tell you…

January 22, 2024
Charities for Children

Charities for Children: 11 Organizations Giving Kids a Better Chance at Life

There’s saving and spending, investing and earning. But there’s another vitally important part of money that doesn’t get talked about enough: giving! Whether you are just getting started with giving or already make giving a…

January 5, 2024
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