7 Free Money Apps That Will Help You Build Wealth Today

April 6, 2018

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Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”? This statement is essentially inferring that you if you want quality, then you’ll have to throw down some cash. I used to believe that, but I don’t anymore. Over the last 7+ years, I’ve discovered more and more free money apps, tools and websites that have helped me on my journey to financial freedom.

Yes, you read that right. Most of my favorites have been completely free.

Oh, yeah … the best price out there my friends.

Yes, there are quite often other services that are being sold in addition to the free ones, but hey … if you don’t want them, don’t buy them. And if you do, now you at least trust their offering after digging their free service. It’s like a test trial.

7 Free Money Apps To Grow Wealth

Here are 7 free money apps that will help you save more money, grow your wealth, and protect your family.

Personal Capital

Nicole and I have been tracking our net worth since 2010 when Suze Orman helped us figure out that we were broke as a joke! We started at -$50,000 and now we're closing in on $750,000. That's an $800,000 swing in 8-years!

A retirement fee analyzer dashboard graph and chart from one of the free money apps called Personal Capital

We owe a lot of that success to simply tracking our net worth. Personal Capital has served as incredible tool for this.

You insert all of your account information including debts, cash accounts, investment accounts and even assets like your home and car (yes, even your car counts toward your net worth).

There's even an easy-to-use app for checking in on your net worth goals throughout the year. We're shooting to be in the 2-comma club by 40!


I connected with this family empowering company after they sponsored my weekly podcast. Their mission to help families make smart financial decisions and protect their kids is right up my alley. 

Tomorrow's user-friendly app helps you build your family's last will and testament for free.  They also offer options for a family trust and affordable term life insurance as well. 


For the last 7 years, Nicole and I have used Mint to manage our monthly budgets. This free online system has helped us to reduce money fights, pay off our $195,000 mortgage in 4 years and plan for our family's future.

Each month, we get together to complete our “budget party” using Mint. We discuss the following:

  1. What we spent and saved last month
  2. How we're going to allocate our money this month
  3. What events (birthdays, weddings, etc) we have coming up in the future
  4. How we're tracking against our big family financial goals
  5. The progress of our investment accounts (529, HSA, 401k, Roth IRA)

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(If you're more into spreadsheets than online systems like Mint, check out Tiller. Tiller is not free, but it's an inexpensive system that is helping loads of people manage their money more effectively.)


Each year, every US citizen is entitled to a free annual credit report according to Federal law. To claim your free report from all three reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion), you need to visit AnnualCreditReport.com.

I set a Google Calendar reminder for myself to visit this site once a year. It helps me to know if my identity has been stolen and if my credit information is up to date. So far so good!

Credit Sesame

For an everyday check of your credit score, I like Credit Sesame. This free app monitors your credit, gives you an up-to-date score and offers suggestions on how to improve it.

Credit Sesame, Credit Monitoring

Since we don't have a mortgage anymore, I have an “F” grade for the “age of accounts” category. Wah wah … small price to pay I suppose.

I don't plan on borrowing much money going forward so I guess I'm good with my credit score going down. I do still want to get credit cards though so we can score some free travel with the kids this year.


Zeta is a fantastic tool to try if you are looking for a free money app to help you get better with finances as a couple.

Whether you merge your finances or not, you have the financial flexibility that's perfect for your relationship with Zeta. The app connects to all of your financial accounts and allows you to determine whether you want to set up individual or shared budgets to fit your needs.

Money conversations might be tough to have, but Zeta works hard to anticipate some of these sticking points. There is a communication tool that allows you to assign memos to purchases. I love how this can be a huge timesaver for your money date nights since it takes the guesswork out of why the transactions took place.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance bills itself as the finance super app. That's a lofty claim, and it also helps explain why M1 Finance is one of the best free money apps around.

Currently used by more than half a million investors, M1 Finance is a financial tool powerhouse. With a Basic account, you can invest in stocks and ETFs for free with the added benefit of intelligent automation. They also offer checking and debit cards, plus access to low-interest lines of credit for people who want one.

Final Thoughts on Free Money Apps

If you get what you pay for, can a free money tool really help? Absolutely. These seven free money apps offer a variety of robust features to help meet you wherever you are on your financial journey.

What money tools do you love?

Please let me know in the comments below!

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Phone with some of the 7 free money apps on the home screen

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  • Hi Andy- Good list. I’m going to check out HoneyFi. I don’t want to monitor every transaction but I would like my wife and I to be able to come together in aggregate each month to understand our spending.

    • I think you’ll enjoy it. The app is designed really well and the founders are young married guys too so they … “get it”.

  • Thanks for the update. I’ve been using Mint since 2010 (half heartedly since paying off house). Some new ideas for stuff to checkout here.

    • Congrats on paying off the house! That’s awesome. We just paid ours off in the fall and we’re excited about all of our upcoming financial steps.

      Let me know if you like any of the suggestions.

  • +1 for Personal Capital! Also, am a big fan of RobinHood for free stock trading

    • You gotta go with what works for you! Stick to those spreadsheets. I like how you organize them in your articles :)


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